Brock Lesnar “I Am An Ultimate Fighter” Video

Brock Lesnar talks about wrestling, The Wrestler, being an Ultimate Fighter and football.

TG “Rayburn”


  1. I really hate it when people call MMA fighters "ultimate fighters." Why is it ultimate? Fighting to the death would be ultimate.

  2. brock still has some things to learn, one day maybe he will become a mixed martial artist.

  3. dane drebin says:

    dude he's the freaking heavyweight champ i think the guy can call himself a mixed martial artist. he has knockout power in his hands and is a phenomenal wrestler. thats more than matt hughes has and he is most definetly a martial artist. And im pretty sure he'd snap anyone like a twig who said he wasnt a mixed martial artist.

  4. Pride was more of an ultimate fight. Someone usually got KO'd in the first 10 minute round. Man I miss pride and there realistic rules. That shit was ultimate. Face stomps and knees to a grounded opponent. Sounds good.

  5. dane drebin says:

    imagine somebody brocks weight stompin on ur head that shit would be scary

  6. …………….i think thats why i was a Pride fan it had a different atmosphere to it …..

  7. i would call him a mma fighter he called himself a ultimate fighter i don't know how much he is really into mma.

  8. So the man said he was a ultimate fighter, big deal whatever you want to call him or any other MMA fighter it doesnt matter there fighters and i guess a few are ultimates too…LOL…seriously though he is still new to the sport he is the HWGHT champ and will be for a long time, i am intersted to see who he faces next after he demolishes Mir….and intersted to see how well he has developed since his last fight.

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