Brock Lesnar Addressing the Media Before UFC 81


  1. brock is right when he said he wanted to fight a credible ufc fighter as his debut. i mean, look at kimbo…. fighting ray mercer, bo cantrell, and now tank. people are doubting kimbo, and dont really know how he stacks up against a lot of pro mma fighters. i think by having brock fight a real credible guy in frank mir, then we all know where he stands.

  2. What is this new layout about? Sure seems like a step backwards…Anyway, I agree for the most part, but how long has it been now since we've known where Mir stands? Anyway, I still think Lesnar is going to lose.

  3. Just moving to a new server my man.

    Did you see all access Brock Lesnar Tonight. He seems to be doing a lot of strength training. The show didn't show him training much BJJ.

  4. Oh cool, I guess I spoke to soon, sorry.

    I think he's relying on his strength in this fight. He talks about it a lot anyway. His strength wont make him immune to submissions. This fight is sort of a catch 22 for me. If lesnar wins, does that mean he's a force and belongs in the UFC? Or does it mean that Frank Mir is still not his former self (pre motorcycle accident) and securing a win over him isn't a huge accomplishment? If Mir wins, does it mean he's back to his former self, or does it mean nothing because Lesnar wasn't very good anyway? Either way, I guess I'm still looking forward to the fight.

  5. For me I already know that Mir has the experience and talent. As long as this fight doesn't end early I will be able to see how Mir's cardio is and how he stacks up against a stronger fighter.

    As far as Lesnar goes, he will probably get a free pass win or lose. He is new and if he loses people will assume he needs more time to develop and he will still have a lot of anticipation for his fights. If he wins, it will raise his stock and in a weak HW division right now, he will be in a great position.

  6. this could be a great fight and idk how is going to win but i think Mir could pull it off..and i agree with derek

  7. i agree with you morey its kind of a no lose for lesnar if he wins he is doing good and beat someone with experience if he loses he was taking on to much to soon.

  8. mir has everything to lose

  9. dane drebin says:

    ya mir cant use the motorcycle accident excuse anymore he's allready had what 4 fights since the accident. he cant use it anymore because if hes not back by now he wont ever be. i dont think it was the accident so much as the competition in the ufc got a lot better since he left

  10. i agree. if mir loses this fight his stock will plummet big time. that is unless its a close fight. i think as long as both fighters come out to bang then the UFC will want to see them both back soon.

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