Brian Stann Bout Is the Main Event Says Michael Bisping, Contradicts Flyweights Bout

Brian Stann Bout Is the Main Event Says Michael Bisping, Contradicts Flyweights BoutNot everybody is pleased with Michael Bisping but he sure can deliver the fight performance everyone is missing. Just in two months’ time, Bisping will be returning inside the cage to fight middleweight opponent Brian Stann. Now, before the fight begins between the two middleweight division fighters, Bisping is already making noises to make their match the biggest in the upcoming Toronto UFC event.

Bisping’s Opinion

Bisping really believes that their fight is the next big thing in the Toronto event. He believes it this much compared to the main card fight between Joseph Benavidez against Demetrious Johnson. According to Bisping on his Fuel TV interview last Saturday, fans are not after the little flyweights but their fight to be the main event in Toronto. “Tune in cause someone’s getting knocked out, ain’t going to be me though,” declared by Bisping. Furthermore, Bisping believes that his match with Stann is more important because of their current career stand in UFC. For now, there is still no top contender to face Anderson Silva in the middleweight champion. Bisping is positive that he will be that contender once he finishes off Stann inside the Octagon on their match.

Bisping’s Legacy

Since 2005, Bisping has been working hard on his middleweight division title. For the past years, he has fought the best MMA fighters in his division and he came very successful indeed. There was only one time that he thinks he was robbed of the fame during his loss to Chael Sonnen. Bisping further states that whoever wins this upcoming event in Toronto deserves to Silva’s next opponent. Bisping believes he will win especially when other fighters don’t think you will. Believing in yourself to win a championship division will not only drive you to do it with hard work but also increases its possibility to happen. Bisping will get his chance on September 22 as the co-main card at Toronto, UFC 152.

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