Brandon Vera and Roger Huerta Bet on Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao

UFC fighters Roger Huerta and Brandon Vera bet on the upcoming boxing match between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao.


  1. any one have any word on Roger Huertas future?

  2. Jason Lee says:

    yeah it doesn't look good in the arianny fucking department

    geez she got some real nice tits!

  3. manny is going to bring it to golden boy

  4. De La Hoya is a lot bigger but Manny is so much faster then him that it is gonna be interesting. This fight is gonna be awesome. I cant wait to see it.

  5. Manny will win…

  6. Im not much of a boxing fan though.

  7. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    I was into boxing til MMA blew up cause they're truly the best fighters and it's more exciting.

  8. Manny will win the guy is a little beast. De La Hoya is a true legend but i dont think this will be a good fight for him. i mean, Manny has twice the skill of Steve Forbes and that wasn't excatly a destruction by Oscar. I hear the winner will fight Hatton so either way Boxing has a good fight in the future.

    Its funny how people stop watching Boxing when they get into MMA i did it the other way. I slightly cared about Boxing when i was a teenager, stopped watching it, discovered MMA and started watching Boxing again.

  9. Did anyone see the recent interview with Oscar De La Hoya on I think CNN. Anyway he basically says that boxing has no one to blame but themselves as far as popularity. He says the whole problem is their are too many champions in each weight class, from too many organizations. Anyway if you look up all the current boxing champs for each weight you get in between 4-7 champs per weight. The other thing is that in some weight classes for instance I believe that it is super welterweight they have 6 champs and 5 are undefeated it makes about as much sense as the BCS ranking system.

  10. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    That's not the only reason boxing has gone down. It's just punching with big gloves vs MMA which is the closet thing to a real fight with the top fighters in different areas from all over.

  11. oh I agree Oswald my thing is that, Im just happy he acknowledges there is a problem. Especially since he carries a considerable amount of power in the boxing business.

  12. manny will win in a close, good, fight. mayweather is a bitch tho for retiring b4 his rematch with de la hoya. im not a big boxing fan tho. mma is where its at!

  13. I also so think Boxing has suffered because of promoters. They try and protect their fighters some brittish boxers (Joe Calzaghe, Ricky Hatton) had to leave their promotion (sports network run by Frank Warren) in order to earn more money and fight other world champions, which is probably why boxing has so many world champions becuse the promoters are too scared to let their fighters fight the other champs incase they loose but its the only way to etablish who the best is.

    I kind of see MMA taking the same direction unless we start co-promoting to create undisputed champions, with more promotions emerging with alot of money to bring in at least 1 top fighter they will create a title just for them and then MMA is in the same situation. Dana White already said he wont co-promote with Affliction which is BS because we have 3 Heavyweight champions in those 2 promotions and we need Fedor in to fight the winner of Lesnar vs. Nog/Mir to get an undisputed Heavyweight champion.

  14. good stuff Luke I agree, luckily MMA has the type of fans and people in the sport that u would hope, put pressure on the promoters to see the best fights. WAMMA is trying to do some interesting things but I can't see how what they are doing is going to be that successful.

  15. WAMMA would be very successful if UFC would play ball. An official ranking system is whats needed to make sure the top contenders fight the champions. In a way Dana White is similar to Frank Warren i think he has spoke so much shit about Fedor that he wont let his guys near him in fear of them been humilliated. Thats why the Couture fight never happened because Dana wanted to promote Fedor as a UFC fighter.

  16. I believe the biggest problem for manny

    could be size and strength. His speed, combinations and

    heart are his best weapons. I have no doubt that

    Freddie Roach has a gameplan for the size and strength

    of De La Hoya so i believe manny will win.

  17. hahaha! now i want to see Roger Huerta on a chicken suit! pacman beat the crap out of delahoya

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