Boxing: Nick Diaz Signed To Fight Jeff Lacy In Fall

According to ESPN reporter Josh Gross, Nick Diaz has signed on to fight IBF super middleweight champion Jeff Lacy sometime this fall.

“Just received a press release stating Jeff Lacy has signed to box Nick Diaz in Fall 2011″

I guessing Dana White hasn’t had that talk he promised with Nick Diaz.


  1. there's a ton of money in boxing so i'm thinking it could be a big payday. no reason he can't get a mma fight in before that.

  2. Bad move!!! Jeff Lacy is no fucking joke! Yes he is old, but man this a big jump. Good luck to Nick and lets see how good he is??

  3. JBrennan says:

    Yeah this isn't really smart. He's not going to be a boxing champ and he's won't make much more than his typical MMA fight either. He's going to get about $175K. If he fights in the UFC and gets a bonus he would make more than boxing.

  4. I'm interested in this fight for sure. But I can't help but think he is an absolute dumb ass because I guarantee Dana White would have offered him a title fight with GSP. There is no other fighter that will sell tickets like GSP vs. Diaz other than Anderson Silva. And GSP doesn't want to fight Silva.

  5. Two words: James Toney. Your weight is different than his, theres no arm bars rear naked's or leg kicks, this is just your hands, your walking into another mans realm expecting to win, I would say your setting yourself up for failure.

  6. and considering I (the casual boxing fan) has never heard of this guy I find it hard to believe your getting paid that much more than you would have for an mma fight.

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