Boxing News: Cotto Defeats Mosley

cotto vs. mosley

Miguel Cotto, impressed the world with his 12-round unanimous decision over “Sugar” Shane Mosley at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. The undefeated Puerto Rican fighter successfully defended his WBA Welterweight championship belt, improving his overall record to 31-0.

Cotto out boxed Mosley the majority of the fight, till Mosley started scoring in the latter rounds. The effort by Mosley in the end, proved to little as Cotto takes the Unanimous Decision.


  1. Boxing has gotten a little boring compared to MMA but I saw this fight and it was pretty good. It definitely wasnt De la Hoya vs Mayweather. These guys took it to each other all night. Even had the exact same compubox number of hits.

  2. i love mma but i love boxing too. i want both sports to thrive. this was a great fight everything i wanted was put on the line. get ready for cotto vs mayweather. this is going to be great too.

  3. I support boxing as well, though it's a distant second to MMA. All non-barbaric combat is cool with me.

  4. Look at how high their shorts are. Is there even any advantage to stomach blows anymore then they don't have any stomach that you can legally punch? Its almost like they have turned into pansies out there in the boxing world. Its all about points and not about damage. Thats why I like MMA more.

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