Boxing: Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Off

Bob “MMA is GAY Skinheads” Arum, Manny Pacquiao’s promoter calls off the fight after the two could not come to a agreement over Olympic style drug testing. Arum said “Floyd never wanted to fight Manny”, and is now looking to match up Manny with Israeli boxer Yuri Foreman for the WBO Super welterweight belt.


  1. Floyd is a fucking pussy and i just lost all respect for him

  2. assgrinder says:

    its true floyd never wanted to fight him anyway

    its not about the money cus both are filthy rich

    manny should have just agreed to do the testing cus it looks bad on him too but even if he did to shut mayweather up he would hav made another excuse not to fight him and tarnish his record

  3. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Always knew Floyd was a bitch who picked his own fights and ducked the best so his record wouldn't be tarnished. Remind anybody of somebody in MMA? lol

  4. Fuck Mayweathers weak ass. Dude knows he'd get smashed.

  5. that is boxing for you.

  6. they both seem pussy to me. paq could give in to maywheathers demands if he wanted to. even though it is stupid to ask for olympic testing.

    what sucks is that this shows how great this fight would have been. as good as both of these guys are, both are scare of the other and want out. neither are willing to put their legacy on the line.

  7. i think many is a bitch big time. floyd should not have pushed the drug testing on him. he has not made any other fighters test that way. i agree with corey they both wanted out. bob arum had already looked for other fighters to fight pac before this fight was even signed claiming mayweather was gonna duck the fight and all pac-man wants to do is fight the best. i thnik this might be a boxing publicity stunt to get more money and have them fight at the end of the year. bigger draw. just my opinon!

  8. yea 'RJ' you are missing something….a brain and common fucking sense you fuckin idiot. floyd is a pussy

  9. Manny won’t do the drug test, yet you guys think Floyd looks like the bitch? Am I missing something?

  10. Floyd is a bitch. There is no need at all for olympic style blood tests, even more so up to 24 hours before the fight.

    Mayweather knows he will lose his 0, thats why the fight is off.

    Its not like its the 1st time we have seen Mayweather turn down fights with strange excuses, a fight with Cotto was supposed to happen before Mayweather fought De La Hoya, Mayweather turned that down because he didnt want to split the purse 50/50.

    Floyd Mayweather is an absolute Dick Head. He is not a fighter, as long as he can walk around with a big wad of cash, he will always be p4p best in his own eyes, without actually ever proving it.

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