Bobby Lashley Will Fight Fedor If Strikeforce Requested


  1. lashley has a good head on his shoulders.

  2. seriously does anyone care

  3. bobby who?

  4. GSP is a whore says:

    Who is Lashley?

    Can someone suggest a site that has his MMA record and stats?

  5. I have backed Strikeforce a thousand times in the UFC vs SF arguments, but if they don't have Fedor vs Overeem for his 3rd fight, I will never back them again.

    Lashley? WTF!

  6. I agree 100%

    Fedor has defeated and lost to two weak opponents, in his third bout he must fight someone substancial. No newbie's or guys that got booted from UFC. Enough is enough already.

  7. Come on Lashley Needs more fights, Fedor will submit him and then put him down the ladder, and he may never recover.

  8. Bobby Lashley was a WWF (fake TV Wrestling) wrestler that recently decided to try Pro MMA. To pit him against one of the all time best is truly pathetic. He needs 5 to 10 amateur bouts and then at least 2 to 3 Pro bouts before he's ready for an experienced MMA Pro, and even that is supposing that he won't get submitted in no time flat.

    If Fedor is not set up against Overeem for fight #3 of his 3 fight contract then Strikeforce can count me out as a supporter. I like them, I like all the small franchises, but to dance around the real talent got tired after the Werdum bout.

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