BJ Penn: First Stevenson, Then Sherk

bj penn

BJ Penn talks with the Houston Chronicle about his upcoming fight with Joe Stevenson on January 19 at UFC 80: Rapid Fire and his outspokenness of the Sean Sherk steroid case

It’s all about getting that lightweight title right now….Joe Stevenson isn’t the big name like Hughes or (Georges) St. Pierre, but it’s all about getting the title. I really want to be the first guy to have a belt in the lightweight and welterweight divisions.

That’s what he is; he’s a ‘roider, huh?….The guy has been cheating for how many years? At least everybody knows now what everybody had suspected the whole time…But honestly, I can’t worry about Sean Sherk right now. I can’t look past Joe Stevenson. I’ve got to beat him, or there won’t be any fight with Sean Sherk, there won’t be any fight with Matt Hughes.

“As far as Sherk goes, he’s going to have to sit on the side and wait while the two people fight for the real lightweight championship, not the ‘steroid championship.’ “


  1. Dont start making excuses now BJ. That sounds like looser talk from someone who doesnt have the cardio to go the distance, or even to the end of the 2nd round.

  2. He is being real and trying to salvage some respect for the belt. If Sherk roided then he's a cheat and him getting the belt really meant nothing. I hope BJ runs the table with all three of those guys.

  3. dane drebin says:

    same here i love bj but i also like stevenson and would be happy is joe daddy was champ too hes another standup dude who deserves a lot of respect

  4. yeah i know BJs too. anyway, steroids is really ruins the sport. you got to go natural like randy couture, or even bernard hopkins. true fighters. they should have a zero tolerance policy. and if they take steroids for a injury to heal, they should be permitted a "recovery" time (essentially, the time it takes to rid roids of the body).

  5. Just for your info BJ penn has gone 5 rounds twice. He finished strong against Uno so stop saying he doesnt have cardio.

  6. He doesnt have cardio

  7. Matt he did that shit a long time ago.. he has no cardio, well in the last fight he showed no cardio..

  8. BJ was a replacement for the fight with Hughes. I think he clearly showed that he had more talent and with more time to train he would have had better cardio. After that fight BJ was humbled, he gave up heavy drinking and worked cardio into his training.

  9. dane drebin says:

    i agree he had good cardio against jens i think just because he was motivated… i think bj has changed and he is working a lot harder than in the past

  10. bj penn gives bj's,i heard he does it better than he does jui jitsu.Hes a lazy bum who cant make it out of the 2nd round.everyone talks about sherk on roids,im sure it was something in one of his 24 supplements he takes a day.he still didnt need it to beat bbj black belt franca,so lay to rest all the gay quotes about sherk on steriods.

  11. dane drebin says:

    ian's bj penns bitch

  12. I think BJ Penn's name is just getting Ian going. He's talking about bj's and gay quotes. Whatever floats your boat buddy but we're talking MMA here so you might be on the wrong website for that.

  13. hahha..

  14. Ian gave me a BJ too. Lay off the teeth next time Ian.

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