BJ Penn Denies Talking To Koscheck, Still Convinced GSP Cheats

BJ Penn responds to allegations made by Josh Koscheck, that BJ Penn’s camp told him over the phone that GSP is on Roids. BJ denies talking with Josh, but doesn’t deny that he believes GSP cheats.

This drama has come full circle, Josh Koscheck appologies to GSP,


“Media stories on comments I made about rumors of GSP are in no way factual … I’m known for polarizing comments, and I got caught up in hyping TUF and our fight. I was wrong, and apologize to GSP for trying to invalidate his hard work and talent.” [MMAFighting]


  1. I hope… no I pray that Dana/Joe silva books a third fight with BJ and GSP, with Olympic style drug testing and 10 guys from the N.S.A.C. in each corner watching their every move and Georges beats the piss out of him again just to shut bj up for once and for all.

    Amazing fighter, but FUCK is he annoying.

  2. CobraClutch says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Miko. But instead of the drug testing (which would be a bad precedent to set…allowing fighters to pick conditions of their fights in the UFC would undermine the organization), I hope GSP KO's BJ so GSP can finally shut up all the "gay hump," greasing, and "boring fighter" posters once and for all!


    Would love to see that happen, if nothing else but for closure….and to watch Joe Rogan drop his jaw, roll his eyes and tell us all in the flariest voice how "phenooomenal" either fighter is.

  4. GSP was afraid to exchange with BJ on both occasions. He is not gonna KO BJ

  5. I don't know what fight you were watching pal, but GSP was anything but afraid in that match up, he dominated Penn in every single way, so much that Penn's corner threw the towel in. The most humiliating way to lose, period.

  6. PoppyNick says:

    Tico, you are right but it wasn't standing. GSP doesn't stand to fight anymore. He uses his strengths (takdowns) to win fights now. Since Serra this has been how he has fought. I'm not saying he isn't good because he is and if someone wants to beat him then they need to figure out a way to keep it standing. BJ does need to let it though I do agree.

  7. CobraClutch says:

    I think the most humiliating way to lose is not getting up off your stool and quitting. A la "Frenchie" and Yager from this season's TUF.


    Cobra, what did you expect…? He was trained by Tito…to fight a guy trained by Chuck…that's his strategy. Punk $#!t mofo.

  9. CobraClutch says:

    I actually like Tito's training methods, and still think he's a good coach. I just hate him as a person and a fighter. But I can't argue with his methodology. I would train people the same way. Word hard, and work in high altitudes. However, I would include plyometrics and yoga into every training regiment. I feel that those two additions would do every MMA fighter a world of difference both on the cardio front, and also in limiting injuries.

  10. Choke333 says:

    BJ is just a sore loser and a big baby. His next fight with GSP will be even easier for GSP because he's already taken his heart. BJ should just shut up.

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