BJ Penn and GSP Promote UFC 94 In Hawaii Video

BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre featured on local Hawaiian news hyping what could become the biggest fight in UFC history.

TG “Roy” for the find.


  1. I know after the Kimbo Slice Petruzelli Fight. The arguements via post and opinions reached crazy amounts with one article having over 80 posts. Then the halloween post that got political went over 120posts. Then the Lesnar Couture fight went well over 100 again with two follow up posts reaching around 60 or 70. The UFC 94 results page should reach 200 This is the first few weeks of what will probably be the biggest media coverage for any mma fight ever. I think because of the popularity of the Lesnar fight ESPN will have the same coverage for this fight and more. This media tour and fight and whole atmosphere is gonna explode with popularity. This could be one of those fights that takes another big step for MMA.

  2. Agreed

  3. put some new videos n newws up already dam it

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