Best Of Pride: Chuck Liddell vs Alistair Overeem Fight Video

The UFC posted this fight to promote the SpikeTV special the ‘Best of Pride” on January 15th. Great fight from back in the day when Alistair Overeem had a natural physique and Chuck Liddell actually took fighters down.


  1. Alistair Overeem looks a million times different, because he is a juicer

  2. ya this guy fights 5 times a year in japan and k1 but wont defend his strikeforce title

    i cant believe they allow that to happen shame on them he should have been stripped

    at least when cung lee didnt fight he wasnt still fighting elsewhere

  3. yeah overeem's a joke! he's a good fighter but should be stripped if he aint man enuff to defend his belt.

  4. lol tom he was 23 years old in that fight ofc he looks different than he is now :S and bummer that he gassed casue he was wining the fight . Rematch Rematch ahahaha

  5. yea donio he def doesnt juice

    haha wrong

  6. lol people forget yu dont have to juice any more tu put on body fat muscle and so on .

    Suplements and lots uf it

  7. yea horse meat haha

    Don't be stupid

  8. wow, i never knew dana white used to commentate for pride. it was good to see a classic chuck knockout, overeem gassed in a hurry. overeem, gilber evel, both of those guys trained at a camp notorious for steroids.

  9. chuck only comnetated that fight because he was managing chuck and he braught him over to win the tourny but rampage put an end to those plans.

  10. if you think that overeem got that body with "supplements" you are fucking insane. Theres a reason he fights in Japan. NO DRUG TESTING. Doesn't have to be roids my guess is HGH and a cocktail of steroids on top of it. He got freakin huge real quick, anyone who works out knows that doesnt happen.

  11. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Not sure Overeem was winning the fight since he kneed Chuck in his dick. lol It wasn't called and Chuck still came back an got him. but yeah, a rematch at this point woulnd't mean much Donio. lol

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