BCX V: Results

Battle Cage Xtreme

Here’s just a quick rundown of the results of BCX V at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

- Joe Abouata def. Carlton Haselrig via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Rd 2 and wins the USKBA/BCX Title
- Justin Haskins def. Judah Ciervo via TKO (Strikes) Rd 1 and retains the BCX Title
- Jon Jones def. Moyses Gabin via TKO (Strikes) R1 and retains the USKBA Title
- Tim Troxell def. Lester Caslow via Submission (Armbar) Rd 1 and retains USKBA Title
- Pat Audinwood vs. Andrew Montanez = Majority Draw; Audinwood retains the BCX Title
- Jose Figueroa def. Josh Keys via Submission (Tap due to strikes) R2
- Dwayne Shelton def. Kevin Roddy via Split Decision
- Mike Medrano def. Levon Maynard via Unanimous Decision
- Jacob Kirwan def. Daniel Tavares via Submission (Guillotine) R3
- Don Wagner def. Chris Volo via TKO R1
- Carlos Eduardo def. Ryan Contaldi via Submission (Armbar) R1
- Shawn Foreman def. Dan Baker via TKO R1
- Joey Camacho def. Micah Goss via TKO R1
- Hercules Benjamin def. Paul White via TKO R1
- Joey Brown vs. Fernando Bernandino = Unanimous Draw

So, there you have it. I’ll have more on the fights as well as other comments later on.

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