Batista Claims Signing With Strikeforce, Wants Nothing To Do With Fedor

Former aging WWE star, Batista is out on the town claiming he has signed to fight for Strikeforce. If true the 6’5? , 290lb 41 year old will add his name to a growing list of professional wrestlers to transition to MMA. Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley and now Dave Batista.

Strikeforce has yet to confirm the signing.

Strikeforce denies they have come to a final agreement with Batista.


  1. Big Gibby says:

    I really wanna see somebody knock this cocky steroid ape out.

  2. Does anyone know if he has any martial arts training?

  3. the dude will gas in under 5 minutes quicker than the pudz.


    at least some of these other guys came from a real sports background…this hgh freak azoid should get something signed pin japan with bob sapp…they don't care what you uses andsacrifice might preserve a bit of rep…otherwise their just gonna become a safe haven for dudes whose wrassling are close to ending…disappointing.

  5. Hahahaha BATISTA BOMB any one hahaha

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