Audio: Mike Brown Recaps WEC 39 Submission Of Leonard Garcia

Mike Brown submitted Leonard Garcia with arm triangle choke at WEC 39 on Sunday night.


  1. Shit I forgot to watch. Mike Brown looks like a legit champ for 145.

  2. brown is a badass

  3. I love watching this dude fight. Brown is freaking strong at 145. He is not the underdog anymore. I hope faber gives him a better fight the second time around.

  4. shawn m. says:

    I think Faber won't try flashy & show off bullshit this time. I think Mike Brown has alot more strenth than Faber(i mean Brown shuved him back 5 feet & down on his ass) i think this fight will be a real good one. let's hope it's not on ppv.

  5. I think it well be nothing like the first fight.. i think Brown is a lot stronger and Has great Punching power… Faber is Lighting fast and the way you beat power is with speed and Movement so idk its a great Match up…i think the fight will for sure good longer then the first round..

    i wounder what will happend when they hit the mat..

    Jeff Curran went 3 rounds with Brown and Faber and Garcia both got knock out in the first haha..

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