Arlovski 360: On the Road to Reckoning Episode 3

Andrei Arlovski’s team discuss his training as he prepares for the big showdown with Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction 2 “Day of Reckoning” on January 24.


  1. andrea is the fucking man… i hope he knocks fador the fuck out… i am not a fador fan at all.. the pitbull will for sure test Fador and if fador can make it throw then fuck i might become a fan but until then nope

  2. im hoping that this will be the best arloski we have ever seen. it's not that i don't like fedor but i just want this fight to be epic. im hoping it will be a historic hw clash that propels affliction to compete with the ufc.

  3. I think Arlovski is awesome but Fedor will take it to the ground and submit him. However, Andre is a great boxer and all it takes is one shot on the old on/off switch. Of course I said that about the Sylvia fight too and Fedor's boxing had him floored within 10 seconds.

  4. I would love see AA rock Fedor. It would answer a lot of the questions the UFC fans have. Well said T.R. An epic battle would help Affliction establish itself. Fedor via armbar in the 2nd round.

  5. i am hoping for a war, i like aa and think he is a great fighter i see fedor winning but would not care if aa did,i just hope its a great fight and not one sided on either part

  6. I just hope AA doesnt pull a Sylvia …at least make the fight worth watching win or lose.

  7. dane drebin says:

    im gunna say arlovski is gunna win but why does everyone think fedor will submitt him so easy he has never been submitted by anyone. i think a tko would be much more likely.

  8. dane drebin says:

    i ment to write im NOT going to say arlovski is gunna win

  9. If Fedor KO's AA I will be surprised. Even if he really hurts AA he will go for the sub. This is why I think he is the dominant hvwt. A lot of fighters try to pound out a guy when they hurt them. A hurt fighter pulls guard and has a chance to recover his wits on his back. Fedor takes advantage of his opponents lack of focus when he rocks them by going for the sub before the fog clears their head. AA is vulnerable to subs. He didn't fight anyone in the UFC that good at subs. big Roy was working a kimura from side mount when the ref stood them up inexplicably in his last fight. If big Roy can get that close to subbing him Fedor can surely finish him. I hope it's a standup war for at least a couple rounds. AA has a superior stand up game and if his chin can hold up this will be on heck of a battle.

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