Anthony Johnson UFC 104 Video Blog, Not Making Weight

“Everybody’s worried about my weight, but I’m not really worried about it” said Johnson – 5 Lbs. over at UFC weigh-in!


  1. Anthony needs to move up to 185 if he cant make 170 he never makes weight wtf..He still would be a badass 185

  2. Agree Tom,

    He is off 170 by 6 pounds and looks ripped at the weigh-ins. I don't know how much longer he can hit 170.

  3. hers huge at 170 and if he cut like that and didnt make 170 the only way hes gonna make it is if he cuts muscle mass, which takes alot of time, i think hes more than able to fight at 185, that division could use some help anyway. I think he really needs to check his attitude before he ends up being another talented guy that knew he was good and didn't do shit with it because of his arrogance and lack of intelligence.

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