Andrei Arlovski Is Not Retiring

Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski puts to side rumors of his retirement.

“I’m fine, I feel no physical pain, but emotional my soul hurts … My soul hurts, but I’m absolutely not i’m going to F#$@ retire.”

The Pitbull plans to reassess things following a soul searching trip to Moscow. Arlovski also brings up that one of his trainer in Chicago is saying behind his back, that he should retire.


  1. dude had one good run in his career. what a joke

  2. Hall and Oats says:

    That's not fair, he's had some big fights, including major KO's against Ben Rothwell and Roy Nelson, and I think he initially won his title belt with the UFC by knocking out the previous holder I think, it was awhile ago.

  3. Dudes a joke now, needs to retire. And he thought he should be considered top ten still, LOL.

  4. IMO he has concentrated so much on his boxing that he has forgotten other aspects of MMA, such as kicking, takedowns, wrestling, and submissions. He has become so 1 dimensional that he is very predictable. This guy has a Black belt in Sambo and is a Purple or Brown belt in BJJ…why doesn't he try taking someone down? MMA is not boxing but he it seems like he is mainly working on his boxing.

  5. who did he knock out tim sylvia? i wouldnt brag much on that one

  6. he submitted tim sylvia…

  7. Paul Buentello

    KO for the belt

  8. Andrei had a decent run back then. He for certain deserves more respect than people are giving him. He doesn't look the same these days, but he aged and we have a new breed of heavyweights coming into the mix. Much respect to him, even though he's probably not gonna win anymore.

  9. I think he's got a chin problem but he is still better than most heavyweights out there so there's no reason to retire.

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