Anderson Silva: Not Risking Career To Satisfy Fans


Anderson Silva on Tatame:

“I would have a lot to risk. I’m not risking something that took a long time for me to win….Unfortunately, you can’t always do what people want. I try to fight and don’t get hurt and this is working over all these years. Sometimes I can fight faster, sometimes not, showing superiority, is better for me, for my career and the athletes who fight with me. Even because Thales is a dangerous athlete and I couldn’t risk something more.”

Anderson Silva speaks out following his highly criticized UFC 97 win over fellow Brazilian Thiago Leites.


  1. i am about done watching Silva fight if this is his attitude. he is basically saying he does not give a fuck about the fans and if thats the case he should retire. the ufc is at fault as well for matching him up against guys like Leites and if they give him Maia next the same thing will happen as both guys will just try not to lose and neither will play in to the others game. another sleeper. Anderson Silva against Quinton Jackson or Shogun at 205 might sort this out. Joe Silva make it happen.

  2. i agree jack. i blame the match makers. if they want fireworks from anderson then put him in with some guys who will go after him like rampage or shogun. well said.

  3. no i dnt think silva is saying he doesnt give a fuck bout the fans, he's basically saying that he werent risking to loose his belt by going to the ground every time leites wanted to, he wanted it on the feet where he's stronger and leites wouldnt engage, maybe the matchmakers are to fault yeah but so leites, when he cudnt get silva to the floor he basically gave up, a real contender would try knocking him out even tho standup isnt their specialty. Bisping,henderson or nate m would give him a go. And at 205..give him a strong muay thai fighter who would stalk him and bang with him. An ideal 2nd fight at 205 for silva would be luiz cane. if he finishes him off then put him against the top 3 names

  4. and even if silva came out and said "fuck the fans" the fans would still watch his fights and would proberly draw in more viewers

  5. even Patrick Cote tried at least but Silva held back there too. I would have more respect for him if he at least tried to finish and got caught in a sub or tko and lost. smart fighter in some minds but i like guys who hang it all out. You ever see chuck stand back and hope not to get knocked out thats right but at least he can look himself in the mirror.

  6. Juan Blanco says:

    You can't play match maker for title fights. The number one contenders get the shots, no matter their style. Silva should have tried harder to finish. Thats the bottom line.

  7. Jack,

    We all see how successful Chuck has been in the modern MMA world. I'd rather be the tittle holder, and winner of NINE straight fights, then to go out swinging like a fool and get knocked out. What is Chucks record in his last 9 fights? He is 5-4. Don't know about you but I would come a lot closer to being able to look myself in the mirror if I was Silva, not Chuck! This whole argument comes down to people who enjoy MMA, and people who enjoy seeing fighers get knocked out. Silva is creating a legacy, call the last two fights boring….sure thats fine. But how can you question the man? Could any of us go into the UFC and win like he has? Could Fedor? Probably not!

  8. juan what have you been watching? the ufc dosn't give title shots to just the #1 CONTENDER THEY GIVE THEM TO WHOEVER THEY FEEL LIKE OR WHO EVER WILL SELL PPV'S.was lesnar,serra,leites,rampage the number one contender?

  9. daniel your right about fedor i have never seen him go for a decision.

  10. Cobra Clutch says:

    Silva is fighting to WIN, people. If guys just want to flop on their backs and spread their legs for him to jump in like a slut on prom night, then it's not Anderson's fault. Get up and bang with him and come in at him. If you can't beat the man, then you shouldn't be champion. And Anderson, as champion, gets in there and fights however he has to in order to win. It might not be pretty or exciting, but it's the way a lot of fighters are fighting with success these days. Lyoto Machida, anyone?

  11. yeah and him and machida train together, mybe he is rubbing of on him.nothing wrong with going for the win but fans don't have to like it or watch it.

  12. i hate when champs always fighting just to defend their belt rather than finish fights for victory. don't let the belt wiegh over you it takes the hunger out of you.

  13. Roy, Fedor has had 7 desicion victories. Against some of the better fighters he has faced, such as Nog (twice). He won big against AA his last time out, but that was his first fight against a legitimate threat since he faced Nog in 2004. Anyhow, this isn't about Fedor.

    Texican, what about when contenders don't have the hunger. Leites should be just as hungry, if not more hungry then Silva. After he couldn't get Silva down he gave up and started flopping to the ground. I would have gotten in that ring and fought harder to take Silva out then he did, and of course the fans would have seen one hell of a knockout when Silva destroyed me. Point is someone off the street could have walked into that ring and had more hunger for the belt then Leites did.

    Was the fight a let down, yes, was it Silva's fault, not even close. He could have tried harder for the knockout, but he was clearly the better fighter. I respect his decision not to put himself in harms way, live to fight another day as they say.

  14. "He (Fedor) won big against AA his last time out, but that was his first fight against a legitimate threat since he faced Nog in 2004."

    Daniel, you couldn't be anymore wrong. Sylvia, Lindland, Coleman, and Cropcop? Fedor fights anyone who is even percieved to be close to the top of the rankings. But back to Silva:

    It takes two to tango, and while I agree that Leites wasn't aggressive, neither was Silva – that's what this whole thing is about. Hell, even Dana White said it. If the other fighter isn't aggressive, shouldn't that be all the more reason to walk in for the KO or submission? To say that Silva should take no blame for not fighting hard when that is all he is paid to do is ridiculous.

  15. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Dana White said that he needs to fight a top guy at 205 to see the old Silva next time. I almost don't blame him for toying with the last 2 nobody's but I'd rather see him just destroy them.

  16. Sylvia is past his prime doing hybrid MMA cards, he isn't top tier anymore. Linland is a quality fighter, but has lost to most of the top tier fighters he has fought. CroCop lost to the last two UFC heavyweights he faced. I'm not even going to discuss Coleman, I am going to assume you were making a joke by putting him on the list. Fedor is definitely a beast, but he isn't fighting the best heavyweights at the moment.

    Silva was pushing the whole time. He embarrassed Leites in that fight. Silva did fight hard, he won decisively. If everyone is so bloodthirsty maybe they should stick to backyard brawls on youtube. MMA is about more than knockouts, it is an "art" form…as in Mixed Martial "Arts." I don't think anyone can deny that Silva was a master of his art in that fight, no matter if it ended by decision or not.

  17. they should have held out for okami. after losing to him by dq i think anderson would try to finish him quickly.

    i think you guys are right that was just a bad matchup. neither guy even through a punch for over a minute.

  18. i'd rather see the guy that FIGHTS and goes down swinging and goes 5-4…while fighting top shelf contenders…who are half his age; than the guy that's trying not to lose and goes 9-0… don't get me wrong, i love to watch A.Silva fight these bums…..when i need to take a nap….

    Lidell has more reason to hold his head up than Silva….just my opinion.

  19. Totally agree with silva. Fans expect the fists to go flying, whats the point of having a startegy for a fight? you play to your strenghts, and you recognize your opponents and react acordingly.

  20. yeah, but we all know that silva's strengths are NOT his laziness in the ring. silva is known for his striking and pinpoint accuracy. where was all of this in his last fight? when fedor comes to fight, he comes to fight! he comes to finish it as decisvely as he can. you can't blame fedor that he doesn't have KO power, but so far, he has submitted and KOed in remarkable situations. fedor doesn't come to defend his title.. he comes to prove why he is number one and that he can beat the shit out of you. anderson, to me, came just to do enough to win, but not put it out there to put on a good fight or win decisively.

  21. Daniel, first of all, you can't criticize Fedor's opponenets just becuase they aren't as good as he is…that's why he is the best.

    Second, Silva embarrassed himself by fighting so timid. You might be the only person in the MMA world who still thinks that he did anything other than go for a boring decision. MMA is about having the killer instinct. There is a big difference between "backyard brawls on youtube" and wanting to see a fighter do what he is paid to do. I love the "art" also but fighting and scoring for a decision are two different things. I have no respect for guys who's aim is to score themselves to a decision. If he has more of those fights, I guarentee you he will fall from the elite class of fighters.

  22. Stop posting bad things about Fedor. Every fighter that gets asked about him says he isnt human. He has really never been beat. He has a loss that is from a cut. Anyways back onto the ACTUAL topic. Silva saying this pisses me off but it isnt a shock that he said it. Fuck we all just seen what he is saying. he didnt have to say it for me to know this. This is why he isnt going to ever make as much money as the guys who lay it on the line. And he shouldnt. This is about pleasing us the fans so we buy the PPVs he is on. We dont need anderson he needs us. Without us ordering his PPVs he doesnt get paid what he wants. I agree the fighters he should be fighting are other elite fighters but thats not who Joe Silva is matching him with. They milked him for what he is worth for 2 PPVs more then they should have. Cote and Leites are not on his level. Lets see how he fights at 205 agianst another badass that isnt afraid to get hit. Lets see here… RAMPAGE!!!!!!

  23. dane drebin says:

    Cote wasnt afraid to get hit by anderson it seemed like anderson was afraid to get hit by cote. andersons just playing it too safe.

    Fedor has beaten: Crocop, Coleman, Randleman, Arlovski, Sylvia, Nog multiple times, Arona, Lindland, and the 350 pound giant Hong man Choi. 5 of those people are former heavyweight champions. If fedor isnt the best than who is? Fedor is number 1 until someone can actually beat him. So on behalf of fedor you guys can suck it if u think otherwise and try to find someone who has beaten more champions.

  24. dane drebin says:

    and if u disagree with me i will rick roll the fuck out this bitch

  25. He needs to go 205 or retire, because it's either he fights Hendo again, Bisping, or Wanderlei when he moves down. Other than that he is about out of competition, not to mention probably only those three would put on a good show with him. He is turning into an uninspired MMA Muhammad Ali. He wrecked his whole division, and UFC doesn't have many more challengers to feed him.

    I just think Silva is getting bored.

  26. other derek says:

    good point dane derbin he is the number one ranked heavyweight… that would get stomped by brock lesnar!!!

  27. Welp, now I can't ever take other derek seriously….

  28. I agree with bob but I think you also have to put Mraquadt on that list, he will definitely give silva all he wants. I maintain that all this is a little bit of silva fuckin dana around to try and get more money, hes not even trying hes just doing enought to win fighting to not lose instead of to win anybody who has ever competed at anything knows what i am talking about.

  29. I think that when you are in a fight,the fighter that uses his strengths and neutralizes his opponents strengths,is usually the fighter who will win. Alot of so called MMA fans boo when there are two jui-jitsu fighters rolling around and not throwing alot of punches. Unfortunately they are just uneducated about MMA and dont see all the transitions and submission attempts.

    It's much more exciting and emotional for these so called fans when two guys stand toe to toe and swing for the fences.This is not the WWE it MMA,its not the fighters job to put on a show,agreed,they should be active,aggressive and trying to defeat their opponent,but that doesnt mean throwing logic and reason out the window and opening yourself up for unnecessary injury.

    Some fighters like Chuck let it all hang out and more often than not get caught. Fighters like Silva and Machida are highly skilled at avoiding taking shots and countering with precision on their opponents,taking them out. However when a challenger wants to take a belt and has lost a couple of rounds using the gameplan, he should be the one taking the risk (changing his gameplan) letting it all hang out to take the belt.

    If all you want is a show and blood go to WWE RAW thats entertainment, if your going to call yourself an MMA fan then mabey you should learn a little more about the sport,it makes its alot more enjoyable when you can appreciate the skills being displayed during those "boring" bouts.

  30. Gonzo…i completely agree and finally someone see's my point in regards to MMA and Entertainment…remember this is a sport and sometimes sports are not very entertaining to watch….this is just the facts of life…remember the fighters main goal is to WIN and not entertain first and no matter what you think that is basically every MMA fighters mentality or else you end up like Chuck Liddell on 5 fight losing streak because he chose to entertain first…which is great for MMA fans and dont get me wrong i love watching to fighters throw down and exchange its just when it comes to this past fight with Silva and others i completley understand their antics because its MMA and its a sport and their in their to Win…put the blam on Leites he was the challenger he should of forced the action more but didnt. Silva is doing a great job and frankly i think he should fight at 205 for a few fights and if GSP beat Alves than a super fight will just be on the horizon.

  31. fuckin A

  32. i think the biggest let down is silva gets these interviews and tells everyone its going to be a great fight and blah blah blah and then to fights in a row goes out and lays a big fat terd in the ring and with maia the air apparent to the #1 contnder spot we can expect alot of the same. the only thing thats going to save the next PPV he headlines (maybe) will be a pretty good co main event otherwise I would look for the sales to be lousy at best. I get what everyone is saying from a skill and fight perpective but at the same time those of us that watch this won't be able to do it unless the casual fan watches it too, which is why they need exciting fights. Personally I would like to see a Maia – Nate fight to decide #1. Then winner hopefully Nate would get the shot.

  33. and i dont want to see another superfight because all that does is put the whole freakin division on hold for at least six months and some fighters end up getting fucked around for quite a while see "Florian, Kenny." I hope he tears Penns chubby little head off.

  34. Nichole Lesniak says:

    I agree 100% Tim…. and with MMA it's unforunately judged very differently than other sports. You don't really hear people booing at the end of a 0-0 football game. Or people booing golfers for not acing holes. Not every fight is going to be a knockout, and the loyal fans know this. And we shouldn't EXPECT every fight to be a nail-biter. It's unfair to the fighters to expect that.

    And the whole Dana BS pisses me off – as if this is the first ever "boring" title fight that went to decision??? HARDLY! Dana is just trying to suck up to the fans to put the whole Loretta Hunt/Blog fiasco behind him. Dana is a businessman first and foremost – he doesn't care HOW the fight ends as long as the money goes in HIS pocket.

  35. Nate v s Maia will be a great fight,hope it happens.

  36. Gonzo, Tim, Nichole

    Spot on, that is what I have been trying to say. Couldn't agree more!

  37. Wow Tim, Nichole, Daniel, Gonzo. You all dont understand this still. MMA is entertainment. People tune in to see exctiement. Other sports are team based and have huge fan followings. MMA is supposed to be a fight with rules. So when someone buys a PPV they excpect to see action. A fight that goes 25 mintues with a tiny bit of action is boring and you guys arguing this point is fucking stupid. Dana White himselfsaid this fight sucked. Real fighters arent afraid to get hit once or twice. Anderson is like Dane said playing it too cautious. And for GONZO to post saying that we dont understand MMA /c this fight sucked is fucking retarded. Sorry GONZO you must be a ground guy. Why dont you just keep rolling around with your buddies doing no damage. Anybody that tries to say this fight shouldnt have been booed is a punk. If he is going to try and outpoint someone for 25 minutes let me know so I dont watch it and get pissed off. Thales needs to go to strikeforce. Get out of the ufc.

  38. Se we were having an intelligent conversation until you came in. All you have done is prove the point. You throw insults and profanity out because you have no valid point to make, other then you are one of those MMA "fans" just looking for a knockout.

  39. Daniel if wanting to see something other than nothing happen makes me one of those fans then damn it me and 98% of the fans who watch mma are.

  40. Its probally 99.9% actually.

  41. Well I guess all I can do is thank the 99.9% of you for footing the bill so I can watch quality MMA action.

  42. like i said nothing wrong with going for the win if thats what you want, but the fact is, it was boring to most and people where booing. he already is not a big draw he never gets great ppv buys and like nichole said dana is a businesss man first and selling those ppv's means more than anything to him plus he wants to sell anderson as the best p4p fighter.

  43. oh and daniel i never said fedor didn't have decisions i said he never goes for a decision, he is always trying to end the fight i really don't think either guy that night was trying to end the fight.

  44. Daniel thats exactly the point I am trying to make just like steve, IF THE AVERAGE KNOCKOUT FAN DOESN'T WATCH IT YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO EITHER, simple economics supply and demand, there is no demand for slow fights no one wants to watch maybe we can get back to the good old days of gracie and shamrock rolling around for a half hour. cmon. You cannot bash on steve, i can't believe i agree with him, for wanting action if i wanted to watch that shit i could watch college wrestling which makes me want to blow my brains out. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, now what to do with the A silva shirts I have hmmm…….

  45. I really was just sharing an opinion because of all the cryers and dont think that personal attacks are needed. That being said quit being a DICK steve.

  46. i agree with alot of what steve says lately gonzo,i don't know if you have been here for awhile but thats just steve you haven't been welcomed here intell you get into it with him at least once.

  47. I would love to find a forum where people can share opinions about fights,training,technique and not get sucked in to the name calling and motherfing Dana White or Fedor, you know just talk about MMA. Ofcourse there will be differences of opinion but if your opinion is different it doesnt make you a dumbass.It just makes you wrong.(lol just kidding)

  48. I would like to defend Silva a little. Leites ruined the fight by basically not contending. Also the fact that Silva does not even have to turn up in order to win is not his fault! He can evidently beat anyone in the division without trying or even getting hit. Marquardt has to be his next fight before stepping up to 205.

  49. PoppyNick says:

    Gonzo, I agree with you 100%! Steve you made this comment…"go and roll with your buddies and not do any damage". Why don't you go to a BJJ gym and roll around and get your fucking arm snapped and then tell me a ground fighter can't cause damage. Go watch boxing if you can't appreciate MMA for what it is. No need to get on here and be a prick and not respect the opinion of other people. Also, don't believe everything you hear out of Dana's mouth bro….it's not all true kid.

    In case you are wondering….Toby McGuire…not really spiderman.

  50. Look We all know that MMA and all other sports are meant for entertainment…but facts be this first an foremost fighters want to win and set up game plans accordingly wether the fight turns out boring shouldnt matter, you cant always have the knockout or submission…if you are one of those 99% that steve said than your no true MMA fan or sport fan period as you would understand the logic behind Silva winning the way he did he is protecting his title and his career which is very smart…point being most MMA fighters come in with a game plan or plans as plans change all the time….know i am sure every MMA fighter wnats the KO but silva for example is a very calm and collected fighter that sticks to his plans…in this scenario Leites wouldnt not stand with Silva and he wouldnt go to the ground with Leites knowing that its too much of a risk since he is the champ and all he is playing the sport as it is meant to be Mixed Martial Arts and wether you choose to think that every time a fighter goes in there he should go full blown and charge at his opponents and swing wildly for the fences is your thing and while i love seeing a knockout thats just not going to happen all the time. Silva from a athletes perspective is playing it very smart and utilizing his advantages and sticking to his game plans and i can undoubtingly say that if Leites would of chose to engage in the standup more and come at Sivla..Leites would of got KTFO…We all watch MMA because its entertaining and the true MMA fans will understand that there are going to be some smart fights meaning boring sometimes because one fighter chooses not to engage more….its unfortunate but reality. Again all the people that diss Silva performance you obviously are no fighter and have probably never been in a contact sport as in wrestling or any other where WINNING is the most important thing in the world and entertainment 2nd….You can argue this forever but facts are facts this is a bussiness, fightres get paid money to fight and put on good shows but winning is first and entertainment is second in most fighters eyes and your not always going to have that great fight…if you disagree with me why dont you get in the cage and throw down and get beat to crap for simply entertainment purposes and then have to use the money you made to pay for you medical bills and trainers etc…trust me its a very different life on the inside…i am no fighter but i have close friends that fight in king of the cage, etc…and they will tell me its all about progressing their career with wins…no one wants to see a loser fighter who puts on great shows their not marketable…

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