Anderson Silva Needs to Prove His Throne Being the Greatest Through an Opponent

Anderson Silva Needs to Prove His Throne Being the Greatest Through an OpponentJust today, the president of UFC Dana White, declared the UFC event last Saturday, July 8 as the most significant milestone for the company. Anderson Silva’s fight over Chael Sonnen was the major deal in every MMA fight there is. Silva has made the odds to be ever in favor of his legendary win. If you have Sonnen as your challenger, winning over him becomes the best thing to happen inside the arena. Sonnen exceeded the expectations and had he be the middleweight champion.

Beginning of a Legend

The fight last Saturday night on MGM Grand Arena became one of the most memorable MMA fights, as Silva chose to end all the odds he has with Sonnen. During the first round, Silva appeared to be at the edge of defeat while he was being beaten down by Sonnen. However, as Silva stood up and soften the whole fight with a strike from his knee, the added punches later on stopped the whole mumbling and started the fame of Silva. Having this fight, he gained a legacy being one of the greatest MMA fighters.

Doubts and Issues

There might have been some issues concerning this fight. During its promotion, Sonnen was the one attributed to have sold the fight. All the retributions could be well served in rematch. No matter who sold the fight, the fans and judges all stated who the greatest fighter is that night and who will preserve his fame on the coming years. For the past years he has been in this division, he fought every challenger who came his way making an easier win every time. Some may be confused or disliked how Silva approached his audience during those years in the division, but he has proven to the world what talent he has in beating his opponents in MMA.

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