American Gladiator Preview Trailer

Although not featured in this trailer, EliteXC fighter Gina Carano will be one the American Gladiators. Here name on the show is “Crush”.


  1. Yeah, Gina wasn't even shown in the trailer. I can't wait for this show I used to love American Gladiators. The only thing I can see that sucks right off the back is Leila Ali. I hate her.

  2. what? leila ali is in this???

  3. Yeah as a commentator with Hulk Hogan

  4. dane drebin says:

    is daniel puter in this? does anyone know? he was on the reality series tough enough where people compete to be come a wwe superstar a long time ago and he won. he used to be in the ufc and smoked jurt angle on the live portion of the show in wrestling while no one else could. just wondering haha

  5. Leet: What do you mean "sucks off the back?" Off the back of what?

    I used to love that show. I hope the new one will be as good.

  6. Oh I get it. You meant right Off the BAT. Sorry, I'm a little tired today…

  7. hell yeah this show was badass back in the day and i think this one looks great but there is alot of guy in this one?

  8. A lot of guys…..just the way Joe likes it…..

  9. haha you guys are funny.

  10. Leet: Sounds like I hit a nerve or something? Is it because I pointed out your mistaken axiom, “Off the back?" If so, that’s no reason to get angry with me. It’s not my fault you’re inept.

    So what do you mean "a lot of guys" the way I like it? You're the only one here talking about hating chicks.

  11. ;)

  12. Joe: First of all, I'm sorry for using your name. It's not that I was angry, you got me "fair and square." I made a mistake and you pointed it out. It's simply this…have you ever played that game, five questions in five minutes? Well, a joke popped into my mind from the previous comment and I decided to run with it. I put down the first name that came to mind for it. Again, sorry and thanks again for the lesson…who knows how long and how much damage I could have caused using the wrong idiom.

  13. You're right, misuse of an idiom is dangerous. Had I not addressed it, someone may have gotten hurt…lol

    I know it's hard to read tone over the computer. I have a sarcastic personality (seems I'm not alone) and (to use a recently learned idiom) I was just tugging your nuts. That is, unless you're a female.

    Please don't ever apologize for anything you say to me. Apologizing, removes an element of humor.

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