Alistair Overeem “Reasonable Explanation” For Failed Drug Test, Still Planing To Face JDS

Alistair Overeem’s manager Glen Robinson is confident they can explain why The Demolition Man failed his random drug screening when they go before the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) next week.

“I spoke with Glenn Robinson, manager of Overeem and he says he is very respectful and is hopeful that he will be granted his license and the entire team is very confident that he will be facing Junior dos Santos come May 26th” said [Kenny] Rice. “Now Robinson wanted to make it very clear that despite other reports, Overeem did not test high for testosterone, but rather his testosterone to epitestosterone was off and he has a reasonable explanation to why that is, which he will present to the commission next Tuesday.”[CagedInsider]

Overeem vs. Junior Dos Santos is a long shot. Its going to be interesting to hear what defense his team is planing.

If Overeem gets licensed to fight JDS on a technicality, will it be good or bad for the sport?


  1. G.B.Hamerick says:

    If overeem is allowed to get a license from nsac then there credibility goes way down on the chart. He has a n explanation and so did diaz. So lets see how this thing spins out but if he gets away with this then he truly is the heavyweight teflon.

  2. Long, long shot that he gets to fight JDS for the title. There's only so many times you can claim it on the horse meat.

  3. his excuse is he is so much more of a man than everyone else on the planet of course his testosterone is off the chart at like 10 times normal!! LOL

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