Alistair Overeem Is Getting Bigger, But His Training Partners Are Getting Smaller – Video

Dutch kickboxer Alistair Overeem gives a little girl ‘Larizza’ a lesson in low kicks.


  1. what are you going to do today allistar, well i think im gonna go do some steroids and then leg kick little girls, nice, the funny part is i dont feel sorry for her, you wanted to hold the pad, to bad he missed low and probably about broke her leg

  2. I think Overeem found out she is a badr hari fan!

  3. Oh man, I freaked out and thought Overeem went on a steroid induced rampage when I just watched the gif. You can tell it's all in good fun in the full video where the girl gets up and laughs though.

  4. WTF.

  5. if h kicked her 100% she would be dead

  6. Too bad he cannot have bouts with tiny girls in MMA

  7. his next fight with brett rogers will be interesting. too big bangers. i personally don't think rogers will be able to hang with roided up alistair.

  8. Alistair want last long when it comes time for him to fight Fedor,and he knows this! As for Alistair fighting Rogers,I hope Alistair ko's that bitch.

  9. gashpounder says:

    its funny Fedor wont fight Overeem because he takes roids but he wants to go to Japan and fight Barnett another drug head

  10. gashpounder says:

    brett rodgers will KO Overeem

  11. CobraClutch says:

    they were just messing around. fabio is correct…if alistair kicker her hard, then we can say something. they were just all having fun. he check-kicked her to make sure she could take it and how much before he gave her a little more. they were all laughing.

    alistair is roided up, so is barnett. but we can't deny they both have talent, that's for sure. just wish they did it without the roids.

    venting alert: how does rogers get ko'ed by Fedor, then gets to fight the champ? Yeah, I know it's not for the belt, but still…it's just silly. Fedor should fight Alistair for the belt, beat him, then be the champion for pretty much ever (or until Strikeforce folds).

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