Alistair Overeem and Semmy Schilt at UFC 93?



Alistair Overeem and Semmy Schilt seen rubbing elbows with UFC brass at UFC 93. Could this be a hint that we might see Overeem knocking heads off in the UFC someday?


  1. Overeem as a HW in the UFC hell yes. I hope this is tru. He has looked like a compltly diefferent explosive fighter at HW.

  2. yes, overeem is on his way up and he would be great at hw in the ufc.

  3. Good for the UFC. They need quality hw's.

  4. i would love to see both of them in the ufc

  5. I don't know much about Schilt but Overeem has been really impressive every time I see him fight. He's the type of HW the UFC needs, fast and lengthy.

  6. if it where a year ago i would say schilt would kill overeem, but overeem seems to have gotten alot bigger and better but schilt was the only man to win the k-1 grand prix 3 times in a row and he has a good mma record and fought fedor to a very tough fight.

  7. I doubt Overeem could be a hw in the ufc.

    No steroids allowed :P

  8. he also was king of pancrase and has fought barnett twice and fought nog, and even fought fedor nog and barnett in a row all losses though but he took fedor to decision.

  9. Nate Fury says:

    With UFC 100 rapidly approuching, and rumor has it that Mirko Cro Cop could be on the card as a send off by the UFC. With their unfinished business and Overeem's interest in fighting in the UFC, it makes sence to me to have Cro Cop vs. Overeem at UFC 100.

  10. Businessman says:

    Nate, that would be cool but I don't think CroCop wants any part of him. He dodged him once already. CroCop wants 3 easy, or at least winnable fights this year. He does not want to go up against anyone that may cause him to retire earlier or get hurt.

    Overeem would be somehting for the UFC to have. Even if Mir beats Lesnar again, Lesnar is still learning and will be a top HW for sometime to come. Overeem could be up there with him.

  11. I say Overeem signs and they make him fight Kongo. They can knee each other in the nuts until they get a double DQ.

  12. Businessman says:


  13. you beat me to it miko. both overeem and kongo are notorious for knees to the groin. that fight will be hard to watch. but other than that i think overeem and kongo match up pretty well and it would be a good fight.

    schilt is a very good fighter and i hope its going to be a done deal with him pretty soon.

    no way crocop fights overeem again. it wasn't even a good fight and like businessman says he just wants three winable fights. its not like hes going for a title shot or anything.

  14. bring back tank abbot to fight cro cop. lol

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