Aleksander Emelianenko KO’s Opponent Without Landing a Punch – Video

Shameful, Fedors baby brother Aleksander Emelianenko knocks out Eddy Bengtsson in a ProFC title fight, without even landing a punch. Next time they need to hire a guy with some acting skills. Check out the GIF and interview after the jump.

In a interview with Bengtsson after the fight the visibly shamed fighter announces his retirement and gives props to Aleksanders future career.

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  1. Aleks has never been able to step out of Fedors shadow.

    Thankfully he won't be fighting in the US anytime soon, you know with his Heppatitus/STD that forced him off the Affliction card.

  2. A disgrace to mma, he should retire and flip some burgers, and ask me if I want some fries with my hamburger, and if I want ketchup with the fries. This Guy is a punk no doubt.

  3. CobraClutch says:


  4. Eat that Anderson Silva!!

  5. Cage: several sources claim he doesn't have Hep B:

    Here's one of them :

    I look at it this way, I don't remember the CSAC saying he had hep so I'm thinking it was a rumour

  6. Are you sure that wasn't Forrest Griffin Versus Anderson Silva?

  7. It is now fact that alek has the strongest jab known to man

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