Aleksander Emelianenko: Finkelstein Uses Fedor To Promote His Business Projects

aleks emelianenko

Aleksander Emelianenko comments during promotion for the now canceled Affliction 3 “Trilogy”,

“You can deal with UFC, I know that they have flexible contract system. All these talks about “strict” contract terms with signing with UFC, come ONLY from Vadim Finkelstein, who wants to push his owns business projects through Fedor’s fights”

Even Aleks knows Finkelstein is the real problem getting Fedor to come fight with the UFC. Can you really see the Ultimate Fighting Championships agreeing to “UFC 108 ‘Lesnar vs Fedor”, Presented by M-1 Global’”. Fedor need to ditch this bum and come roll some heads in the UFC.

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  1. Paradoxx says:

    This is news?

    Or is it the fact that an Emelianenko is pointing this out?

  2. i think it gives it a little more credibility, i thought most of it was dana and some to do with there demands but maybe they are impossible to deal with.

  3. EGGS-ACT-LEEE!!! I have never believed Dana would be the one stumbling block in the way of making the MOST lucrative fight EVER!!! happen. He knows what he will gain by this match up or even just by having Fedor come in…reign or fall…..By the way, HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY DANA!!!!…………can i please be in the will now?

  4. i still blame Dana…. too tight arsed.

    UFC is rich enough to just buy out M-1 global and be done with it, but no Dana is too tight (i mean they bought out and killed the best promotion)

  5. Thank You Alek. Finkelstein should act like a manager not a promoter! He should get in on the manager type money involved and forget his M-1 Global company uniting with the UFC. The UFC needs to sign both Fedor and Alek a.s.a.p.! They would both be amazing additions to the UFC in many aspects.

  6. go troll elsewhere idiot!

    a Brock vs Fedor will be the biggest fight ever (or Randy Vs Fedor)

    making well well over what it would cost for affliction.

    oh and gay? least im not a soft twat who don't have the balls to post under his real name!

  7. Does anyone else find it just somewhat "special ed", that Alek is wearing a t-shirt with his OWN picture on it?! C'mon, I know russia isn't exactly the fashion hotbed it once was but……. A "me am aleksander" shirt?!…at least wear one with your brother's pic! hahahahahaha :)

  8. lol

  9. Wake up stupid!! It is Dana's fault. Why not let this fight happen withM1 as a cosponsor? What's the big deal? If Dana would guarantee that Fedor could continue fighting his samba matches I bet he would sign in a minute. Dana White is a control freak. The thought of this fight happening and him not being in complete control, and possibly losing control of the weight division entirely is too much for him to handle.

  10. ***Rumors are swirling that Fedor is having a press conference to announce or discuss something on Friday, Possibly a deal with the UFC***


  11. thank you comrade emelianko for confirming my beliefs about scum like vadim!

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