Afflictions VP Tom Atencio More Then A Tee Shirt Guy, Talks Randy and Fedor

Affliction VP Tom Atencio talks about the future of the Affliction MMA promotion, Randy vs. Fedor, being banned from the UFC, Tito Ortiz and Emelianenko’s return.

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  1. sounds to me like Tito is asking for as ridiculous amount of money from affliction. F him, like attencio said tito lost his last two fights and the third was a draw. the two fights before that were over ken shamrock and the one before that was the controversial decision over forrest griffin. this isn't the wwe you have to win to stay on top of the game. their is a ton of underpaid ufc fighters that affliction can get for a fraction of what tito is asking.

  2. Yeah, Tito's just losing it… He'll wind up unsigned and his only hope of getting back on screen will be in Jenna's B-class movies :)

  3. i thought tito would be looking to spite the ufc and sign with someone already. i don't think he should shelve himself. he should get in there and prove his worth.

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