Affliction Banned Fighter Payouts and Bonuses

Affliction Banned Payouts via The event payed out an unprecedented 3.3 Million to the fighters. Fedor Emelianenko was rumored to be asking 2 Mil a fight, but his 300k was nothing compared to Tim Sylvia’s 800k.

Tim Sylvia reportedly pocketed 100k for his fight at UFC 81.


  1. richaaron says:

    This can't be real….

  2. i am really wanting to know how much affliction pulled in through ppv's and ticket sales. to see if they still have a future. i remember hearing an interview with tito stating affliction pays alot better then the UFC but 800K for silva to fight does seem a bit high. he was the underdog too.

  3. wow that was huge sum of money…is that accurate?

  4. Those payouts are all across the board. It wasn't just a couple of fighters getting taken care of a few of those guys made out very well.

    Silvia making 800K compared to Fedor making 300K is not right. Fedor must have some other deal in his contract where he also takes shares or part of the PPV. I'm sure he has to be the most paid fighter.

  5. wow fedor only made $300K?? i thought he was asking a million per fight. tim sylvia must be on cloud 9 right now… making close to a million per fight. it would take chuck liddell the equivalent of 2 UFC PPVs to make that. and damn… andre made more money in this one fight than all the money he ever made in the ufc!!!

  6. king-hydro says:

    I call bullshit!!!! I agree with Morey, fedor must have been making a share of the PPV to agree to that!!, I dont care if Sylvia is a former champ, his fights all suk

  7. if it is true then i cant see affliction around too much longer

  8. There is no way the slothiac should be making that kind oof money

  9. Scooby Doo says:

    It's not real. If this real that means D.White didn't wan't to pay FEDOR SHIT! He paid Brock a million or so, to come to the ufc. D. White is kicking him-self in the ass right now. Randy vs Fedor $$$$$$$. Dumb Ass. I CALL BULLSHIT!!!!!! also!

  10. brock made 250,000 for his fight,you guys might be right about fedor that might be his lump pay with a cut of ppv buys where the others just got paid straight up.i think they probally pulled in a million or so at the gate and hopefully with enough ppv buys they broke evan or maybe made a little.we will have to wait and see who the numbnes went.

  11. Eggbert says:

    Why is everyone calling bullshit about these numbers??? Do people not get that Donald Trump is a partner and investor of Affliction? If you don't believe these number, go check out the numerous other sites they all post the same figures. Who knows what's up with Fedor only being paid $300,000… could be due to his contract… he always said that he doesn't want to fight for just one league… which is why UFC wouldn't sign him. Maybe Affliction said, come fight 1 fight with us and this is what we'll pay you, and he agreed?

  12. Yeah, I can't believe Arlovski got paid so much more than Fedor either. I wonder if Trump had anything to do with these high payouts. If it is real, these fighters probably wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Might not be such a bad idea.

  13. Wtf?!? Are they kidding? I mean this is like *THE* most guaranteed way to get rid of Fedor :( (( Suckers! Come to think I was behind Affliction all that time.

  14. Dorothy Willis says:

    At least now people will believe that Fedor turning Dana White's offer of a million dollar contract was not as important to him as his principals.

  15. dane drebin says:

    why is it the most gaurunteed way tp get rid of fedor i dont get it? fedor signed for that amount its not like he is surprised that its only 300 grand. plus im sure he made more in other things and thats not all he made

  16. Fedor made more. Affliction is trying to prove some point by these numbers. Maybe just like the comment above saying that Fedor doesn't fight for the money. But his contract has some other form of payment other than this. Fedor had to make more than any one else on this card.

  17. Endorsements. He is the best heavyweight in the world (To most people) and the best fighter pound for pound (According to some people). Companies know this and want him to be the face of their products. He probably makes crazy bank off that.

  18. Fedor is probably like Michael Jordan in his country so yeah, those endorsements must be pouring in.

  19. Fedor took a low salary because he is a foreign athlete, which means he'll pay close to 40% of that in taxes right up front… he'll take the backside back to Russia, and get a sweetheart deal on it.

    I guarantee you that he probably made over $1.5MM including a cut of gate sells and PPV sells.

    He may fight for "principles" and take contracts accordingly, but he's no idiot, and wouldn't fight for chump change.

  20. Hay let me ask u all something who would win Fedor or Arlovski.

  21. Dorothy Willis says:

    Hey, Cam, I applaud Fedor for what he made with his Affliction deal, but show me where they made him sign away his right to fight in Sambo contests. I would love for all MMA fighters to make as much as NBA, NFL, NHL players do. I think they are all underpaid for being the superior athletes they are.

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