Affliction 3: Josh Barnett Not Licensed To Fight Fedor Emelianenko Due To Positive Test?


Oh snap, this better not be a false report like yesterday’s “Kimo Death” debacle. Sherdog is reporting that Josh Barnett will not be licensed to fight Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction 3 “Trilogy” on Aug. 1, due to an undisclosed “positive test”.

Multiple sources have told that the California State Athletic Commission will not license Josh Barnett after a positive test result. Calls to Affliction Entertainment were not immediately returned. The CSAC said a comprehensive statement would be issued Wednesday.

If this report comes proves true, Affliction just lost its main event 11 days before fight night. It is currently unclear if the positive test is drug or medical related. Josh Barnett has yet to be notified by the CSAC.

“I took my test three weeks ago. I would have thought I would have heard something by now …. No matter what happens with this, I can assure you I will clear my name. This will not be something that I am defined by.”

According to the report Vitor Belfort has agreed “In Principal” to face Fedor in the main event. Belfort is currently scheduled to take on Jorge Santiago on the main card of Affliction 3.

Fanhouse confirms the news with afflictions Tom Atencio.

“He tested positive for a banned substance,” Atencio said of Barnett. “The athletic commission will not reinstate his license.”

“Just look for updates. … I’m working on getting the best replacement possible.”


  1. Franklin… 35

    Hendo…. 38

    Leben….. meh he got beat of Bisping.

    Silva is 185lbs because he can't handle the 205lbs or HW division (Silva should be at either of those weights)

    instead he takes lesser opponents to look good.

    my Prediction is he will have trouble with Forrest.

  2. yes Silva is in the top…. but GSP and Fedor are WAY WAY above him.

    Silva needs to fight Gegard Mousasi (someone who will actually take Silva to the ground) and Belfort… before even being considered anywhere near P4P… ORRRR fighting some good 205lbsers

  3. Other Derek….. Fedor will not join the UFC, i think that he'd rather retire than fight for the UFC.

  4. DAmzzzzzz the hate fedor web site thank you………….pfffff………lots uf hate here :)

  5. Cobra Clutch says:

    LOL @ roid rage on this page. ggggrrrrrrrrr…take more roids. hahahahaa….Zack, I think you need a hug. Come here, big guy….or would that be "gay." You know that's a sensitive subject with you. Are you hiding something? It's OK, to be who you are, dude…no need to be embarrassed. It's all good. We accept you no matter what.

  6. Dave calls me an idiot? Thats funny. Dave your a fucking moron. Barnett would still be in the ufc if they hadnt kicked his cheating ass out. What do u have to say about that dipshit. Face it outside the ufc the competition is lacking. After the fedor v barnett fight there was gonna be nobody else for fedor to beat besides maybe brett rogers. Of course lesnar used roids I have said that in the past dude. Maybe if you could read at a 10th grade reading level you would read all the posts but you dont b/c it would take you all day. UFC is the place to be and everyone knows that. Ever since they bought pride its been them. Then another more laughable statement made by Zach. He said Barnetts has faced opponents as good or better than Fedor. Name 1 lol. Dont say couture or Big Nog b/c neither can beat fedor. Also stop playing a tough guy roll. Everyone knows the loudmouth is really the bitch. The real killer is the silent one. Get in a cage and ktfo someone. Ya sure ya will on fucking xbox lol.

  7. lol UFC didn't kick Barnett out for cheating.



    theres a few more but too tired too think.

  8. Here you go again with that gay shit, Cobra Clutch. It's funny you keep bringing that up. Obvouisly your the fag for not being able to stop talking about it. I'M NOT… A-Hole…I think your the one THAT WANTS A HUG FROM A MAN.

    STEVE SHUT THRE F*CK UP. I never said that Barnett has beta a lot of great people and i never said that NOG or Couture would beat Fedor, so quit making shit up that you think I said, dumbf*ck….I'm not playing ythe tough guy, I would really like to get in the cage and fight dumbf*ck's like you, Mike and Corba Bitch…

    Jay, why the f*ck are you talking sh*t about me? I'm not on Brock's or Chuck's nuts. But, you are definitely on Anderson's. And Im' trying to get along but all of these a**holes keep talking sh*t about me.

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  10. I'm a 6th grade english teacher, and most of them could discuss mma in a more mature fashion, and actually stay on topic. They have better grammer too… This is embarressing.

  11. Mike shut the hell up…And I'm not crying. People like you started insulting me first. Im' not goin to seat back like a lil bitch and take it. So, YOU stop insulting. I'm trying to get along with everyone and keep on the topic, but people keep putting my name in their comments and talking shit about me. I'm not going to insult anybody anymore, unless they insult me first….

  12. Cobra Clutch says:

    Wow, this site is mature. Zack, you work for CageToday or something? You have a link next for your name. If you do, then you really need to be a little more professional as a representative of the site. If you can't take the criticism without getting all flustered, then maybe you shouldn't allow people to post.

    Stop the roids…no one needs another Barnett from CageToday…and work on that thing called English Grammar. That will probably help you look a little more intelligent, too. haha.

    OK….seriously….this site has REALLY gotten fucking childish lately. Every post goes something like this: People expressing themselves, and getting personally blasted for it, and insulted, then someone will post something completely random, then 111 posts later someone discusses the dominance or illegitimacy of Fedor's reign as best P4P fighter. This is getting to be stupid and silly.

  13. what a loud mouth punk zack is, i don't see anyone else trying to throw the gay shit and tough guy act around like you. try meds you need them, and steve was spot on you been knocking people out on your xbox kid and thats it.

  14. Al 2.0……english teacher….please tell me you misspelled the word GRAMMAR (grammer in your post) for comedy's sake. I have children in the public education system..hahahahaha! ellohell

  15. …and the word "embarrassing"…joking right?!

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    Zack, seriously …. do you work for this site or have any affiliation with it? People if you do, then this is completely unprofessional to insult the people that come here. All you do is insult other people and challenge them to fight. You're a friggin baby, dude. Did your mom and dad not hug you enough? Seriously. Wow. What a dick. You must be single, too, because I can't imagine how anyone can deal with you on a daily basis.

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  22. I'm sorry…can you translate that last sentence. Thanks

  23. and really…going after cobra…he wants you to…i get that…but roy is seldom if ever the aggressor…poor form slick. I think you owe the grownups an apology.

  24. Sorry, I meant to say "Im going to try and not talk shit to anyone, unless they talk sh*t to me first. That last sentence was a mess..LOL

  25. here we go, roy im stupid for saying i dont beleive fedor could handle an explosive lashkey….so its my fucking opinion ur stupid for thinkng fedor is unbeatable…face it fedor is fighting washed up fighters, who cares about the past obviously the present has more to offer..i beleive mma has expanded and developed so much that fedor would have problems with the present and up and coming hw division, brock is beast and is not your typical 265lb fighter, keep in mind brock has beaten all of bis opponents AS A FUCKING ROOKIE AND WHILE LEARNING MMA AT THE SAME TIME, that is scarry for every mma fighter including fedor and as i stated before vi e lesnar 5yrs of,training and fighting and fedor cant beat him the longer brock trains and fights he devolops into a much scarrier fighter and for a man with his athletic ability and size that doesnt go well for the other mma fighters. I am not saying brock wont lose again im saying he could very well become unbeatable for a long time.

    Now barnett did this on purpose he is a washed up loser. fedor needs to come to the ufc and face real competition where fighters dont cheat…

  26. MW74, I'll apologize, when other people start apologizing to me…It's a two way street…

  27. yes but you've been posting since at least # 70 that you were going to stop responding and that it was a waste of your time and that you wouldn't keep saying the same things repeatedly. Starting anew with an apology and a mind to the topic at hand would be refreshing to say the least. Be man enough to try it, to initiate it even.

  28. tim I don't think Barnett got caught on purpose…people like him just don't know HOW NOT TO CHEAT…they've been doing it so long. It becomes not unlike some turned out junkie doing whatever for their next high. Sad really… the opportunity for the chance at millions and just literally…pissed away. I'd rather scrape my way along earning my living than have a shot like that and have to explain screwing it up so royally!

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  31. Cobra Clutch says:

    Yeah, Zack, the whole world is against you. You never answered…do you work for CageToday or not? You have no problem throwing insults around and crying like a little bitch, even though you insist you're not one, but you can't respond to the "normal" questions?

    And…if you're so tough and want to fight everyone, then what's your address, and what gym do you train at? Maybe you'll have a few extra people come on in to "spar" with such a wonderful 27 year old child like yourself.

    Maybe then you can release some of that roid-tension you have built up. hahaha.

  32. tim i didn't say you where stupid, just that your comment was.its your opinion i just think its crazy to think lashley could handle fedor when he could barely handle guida.

    zack you started the name calling with me i usually don't start insulting people here but since you came here there seems to be alot of that shit going on.i said your a kid because you where acting like one with all the threats, witch is the stupidest thing you could do online.i am 37 yrs old and in california if you really want to talk about it let me know.

  33. ahhhh tim and roy…it's been awhile since I had so much free time to post and read your posts….I say Fedor is far from washed up but also far from ready for what he would face in the ufc. There are no gimmies. Dana puts up what he thinks are the best most exciting matches…douche or not to be discussed at a later date…even his own boy Chuck didn't get the pampered treatment on his way out…just "chuck is retiring". Until Fedor starts fighting the best strongest most challenging fighters on their way up, not back down, he won't be able to handle the ufc's top guys…you don't get stronger off of a diet so heavy in fats as fedor has been being fed. now, put him in with some of those guys and I believe he goes through more than a few of them AFTER AFTER AFTER getting acclimated to that calibur of fighter

  34. hahaha, thats great. I paid my dues so I feel like I can misspell anything I want, but when lecturing other people on it….*face palm*….I mean that's what spell check is for…oh boy, here here on pink slips.

  35. roy, let's let the boy calm down. No need to get into with him unless someone puts up $$$ for it or he goes after your family. in my experience, you have been the cooler head..even once checking me as i went too far. this site needs more of that- less "i'm not gay!-you are! I'm a man-You're a kid! I'll fight you!" he's obviously not that great of a fighter, just for the fact that he's here with us…not out training and is willing to fight people without being paid for it. back to fedor vs barnett vs brock vs lashley, yes?!

  36. mw74 i thought that was you, i forgot your handle had not seen you in awhile.too bad alot of new people here witch is cool but its been a bit of a shit storm as well. yes if anything good can come of this hopefully it will be fedor in the ufc.your right there are really in gimmes that dana will throw his way, even though he gave crop cop a warm up fight or two. brock is dangerous and can win on that alone but i think he is still to green to know for sure. if he can handle2 more top guys in the ufc i will be sold that he could be #1 but his last fight even though he dominated mir i thought he looked like shit on his feet and a bit uncomfortable in there in general, hopefully on day we will get to see so there wil be no debate over it.

  37. al 2.0: three cheers for tenure!!! Itsaves our best AND worst! godspeed.

  38. your right mw74, i was just playing anyway i could care less. i havn't been around as much here latey as i used to but hate to see a good site go down hill at all. we sould be greatfull that we don't have moderation and don't abuse it. i will leave zack alone.

  39. I don't have any doubts we'll see it and probably soon seeing as how there were Questions re: Afflictions future BEFORE this recent blow they received. If he doesn't go ufc Fedor should just quit mma. Any top tier talent in strikeforce seems to be doing it for a shot in ufc. Hell even Tito recognizes that…and that's saying a lot….stupid monkey!

  40. I got a looong way to go for that MW74 :/

  41. Rockin! This one of only a couple sites left anymore where you can actually read salient points mixed in with a LITTLE of the bullshit we do as men to make it fun and not vice versa…ie: yahoo….seems like junior high every time i read their posts. Cobra!…don't split though, just cause we're not gonna hammer our boy any more…I like your arguments! (although it was entertaining to witness)

  42. well, gotta roll. I'll hop back in later. Gotta go peddle some ish my daughter is selling to some relatives! hahahahah…damn school contests and their grand prizes!

  43. F*ck OFF, Corba Clutch and roy. And you to MW74, see you dont even know me and you start talking sh*t to about me for no reason and saying I'm' not a good fighter, when I havn't said a damn bad thing to you. NO, I said I would quit talking shit when other people stop talking sh*t to me. And Cobra Clutch, I'm not goin answer your question…

  44. I will agologize to roy, for saying your a Fedor nuthugger at the start, My Bad…Sorry it got out of control…

  45. Your right, roy. I did start with you in the insults. But, I felt like I was making valid points and I felt like you were saying that I was pretty stupid(even though you never did) for saying that. I guess I took it that way and could of handled it better…Sorry Again

  46. its cool, and it was fun but no need to make the site look out of control. i liked debating with you thats why it gets heated because you know your shit and stick by it and i like that no hard feelings we will probally get into it again and thats what its about just no need to make it personal.

  47. Cobra Clutch says:

    Yeah, this site is stupid. Zack, you're REALLY immature, and you're really hurting the professionalism and legitimacy of this site as a viable and inclusive environment to discuss ideas and post thoughts on MMA. You are REALLY a 27 year old child, and you're just embarrassing yourself at this point. Constantly responding with "f-you and f-this and f-you all gay gay grrrrrrrrr aaaarrrrggghhh" just validates our points that you're a mental midget and are a bad representative for a website that is supposed to encourage posting and varying ideas. It's pretty sad, actually, to see someone behave like you are, so out of control and spitting vitriolic language left and right. Dude, I seriously think you need some professional help and counseling. That's not even a joke. Seriously.

    I found something that might help you out. You should check this out:

    Peace be with you, Zack, may you find happiness in your life somehow, and the help you need.

  48. Cobra Bitch, YOU STARTED WITH ME, DUMBASS, remember the comment "maybe you guys should get into the cage together and work out your differences, then end up making love together….like in Bruno. hahaha. Clearly some sexual tension going on in this post. With all this “gay” talk, maybe you guys should just both come out of the closet…and into each other. hahaaha ew.

    So quit thinking your the mature one here, because your definitely not. I apologized to roy, like a man, because I was wrongand started it with him. But, in this case your you started insulting me first and for no reason in comment 76. You should try apologizing like a man and not like a immature person YOUR acting like now…

  49. Sounds to me you did start it with zach, corba clutch. Your not acting like an adult at all. zach was at least able to admit when he was in the wrong. You should too.


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