Affliction 3: Josh Barnett Not Licensed To Fight Fedor Emelianenko Due To Positive Test?


Oh snap, this better not be a false report like yesterday’s “Kimo Death” debacle. Sherdog is reporting that Josh Barnett will not be licensed to fight Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction 3 “Trilogy” on Aug. 1, due to an undisclosed “positive test”.

Multiple sources have told that the California State Athletic Commission will not license Josh Barnett after a positive test result. Calls to Affliction Entertainment were not immediately returned. The CSAC said a comprehensive statement would be issued Wednesday.

If this report comes proves true, Affliction just lost its main event 11 days before fight night. It is currently unclear if the positive test is drug or medical related. Josh Barnett has yet to be notified by the CSAC.

“I took my test three weeks ago. I would have thought I would have heard something by now …. No matter what happens with this, I can assure you I will clear my name. This will not be something that I am defined by.”

According to the report Vitor Belfort has agreed “In Principal” to face Fedor in the main event. Belfort is currently scheduled to take on Jorge Santiago on the main card of Affliction 3.

Fanhouse confirms the news with afflictions Tom Atencio.

“He tested positive for a banned substance,” Atencio said of Barnett. “The athletic commission will not reinstate his license.”

“Just look for updates. … I’m working on getting the best replacement possible.”


  1. He's fought the same caliber fighters, if not worse than a lot of the top HW's in MMA. Im' not saying he's not a good fighter, I just want him to come to the UFC, where theres a lot of the top HW's in MMA and prove he's the very best…Thats all…

  2. the BIG DIFFERENCE between fedor and the rest of the HWs is that fedor still has it.

    nog has been beaten up so badly, despite all his wins, that he has diminished reflexes. even mir is over the hill, despite being so young. crocop used to be scary with those kicks, but look at him now, he is mediocre in the UFC. who else? AA, IMO, has always had a weak chin. all the skill in the world can't replace a weak chin. josh barnett is so-so and has beaten quite a few good guys; however, he has lost when asked to rise to the ocassion. who else is left at HW? don't mention randy couture. i've never been sold on it either. yes, he beat gonzaga and chuck liddell, but chuck KOed randy twice. randy's record of 16-8 speaks for itself. randy isn't phenomenal at all.brock should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as the russian champion. brock is doing well in a division of the ufc that really has no good fighters, except for maybe carwin and cain… but their time will come next year. wanderlei, who used to fight HWs, also does NOT have it anymore. he's only won 1 out of his last several fights. plus, he doesn't have that aggression anymore that defined him in pride. don't get me wrong, i'm a huge wanderlei fan, but he too is past his prime.

    only fedor out of all those HWs still has it to be competitive and stay at the top.

  3. so you can't name some one with better comp in other words.

  4. so you cant name the better comp Fedor's faced????

  5. i asked you first and you could not do it.

    fedor has fought

    arona-don't say lhw he is as big as fedor


    schilt-won k-1 a unheard of 3 years in a row

    herring- tough guy(finished)

    nog x3-at his peak

    colman x 2-he just beat bonnar

    fujita-tough at the time(knocked out monson)

    goodridge- at the time a tough fighter


    cro cop- at his peak

    hunt -at his peak

    lindland- went 5 rounds with rampage, fedor took him out in the first

    some will say some of those guys suck, but not at the time he did it that was the best of that era.

    and for any complainers just name a hw with a better list

  6. i forgot to add aa and slyvia to that list

  7. Yeah, I did tell you. All those guys you say suck, have faced better comp than Fedor. And those guys you tried to give a reason why a lot of those don't suck, thats funny. Because all of them except Cro Cop and Noguira which he did not beat 3 times just twice, that you mentioned really does suck, FYI. (Coleman, Fujita , Goodridge, Schilt, Hunt(mma record 5-5), Randleman, Babalu, Lindland) Thats pretty funny you think these are the top HW's in MMA….

  8. Ha, ha, ha….

  9. how has randy fought as a hw?

    for the time they where the best around.

    Coleman, Fujita , Goodridge, Schilt, Hunt,lindland,babalu,randleman

    not one of those guys sucks at the time he fought them

    and you still can't come up with hw with a better record.

  10. who has randy fought as a hw?

  11. HE HAS A GREAT RECORD BECAUSE OF A LOT OF EASY OPPONENTS….And i've been saying who's guys that have faced elite comp, not who has a better record. I know he has a great record and like i've said before I'm not bashing Fedor as a fighter, I think he's a really good fighter, I just want him to go to the UFC and face some of the top ten HW's in MMA… None of those guys that you mentioned, (Coleman, Fujita , Goodridge, Schilt, Hunt,lindland,babalu,randleman) deserved a title shot, let alone have a fight with Fedor. Pretty much all of the top HW's in the UFC has faced better opponents than Fedor, RECENTLY, except AA but he has a glass chin and is a lil bit overrated…

  12. thats what i am saying zack you said randy well who has he fought?

    gabe-only one notable win against a past his prime cro cop and he can't beat werdum to save his life.

    all i am saying is name someone who has faced better comp and you havn't

    and all those guys you say suck or didn't derserve to fight him, well who was the ufc champ during those times? mostly it was tim fucking slyvia and those guys where the best around during the time he fought them please name who he should have fought during that time.

    name every ufc champ and who they fought and none come close please look it up so you don't think different.

  13. i asked you who has fought better comp and you said randy, nog,and brock

    randy i already went over with you till you have something to add.

    nog- are you kidding they fought pretty much the same guys except that fedor beat him twice.

    brock-lol he may be great but he dosn't have better comp yet.

    1st fight not worth mentioning

    2nd fight- loss

    3rd-herring who fedor finished

    4th-nice win against a 45 year old who had not fought in over a year.

    do you have antone else that has faced better comp. lol

  14. 5th fight beat mir who sucks imo, but even if you like him he would be lucky to be in the top 10. and soon will show that he is med level at best.

  15. One thing i never said Gonzaga. I said Randy beat Gonzaga and at that time GONZAGA was very good.

    YES I HAVE TOLD YOU!!!I don't know if you can't see very well or somethin, but I have already said who has fought better competition, RECENTLY(Nogueira, Lesnar and Couture). Don't say Lesnar doesn't count because Randy and Mir sucks, because Mir KICKED Nogueira's ass and you said Nogueira is one of the best people Fedor's ever fought. NAME ME FEDOR's COMPETITION OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF FIGHTS THAT's GOOD and not 5 years ago, besides AA??? and don't even say Sylvia because everyone knows he sucks…

    Fedor should have signed with the UFC a long time ago, instead of fighting chumps DURING THAT TIME you say.

    I don't why your defending Fedor's nuts so, bad??? I'm not even talking sh*t about him. I just said I want him to fight in the UFC with top level competition. I think you need to quit nuthugging on Fedor so much…

  16. Cobra Clutch says:

    Ridiculous. This sport does not need this at this time. Barnett should never be allowed to fight again. He got kicked out of the UFC for testing positive, and now he ruined a great main card for Affliction, right after UFC 100 put some positive momentum on the sport, and more people were becoming interested. Now we have this mark.

    Barnett is dead to me.

  17. roy, this argument were having is going nowhere. You believe what you want and I'll believe what I want. Agree to disagree….Okay….

  18. YES I HAVE TOLD YOU!!!I don’t know if you can’t see very well or somethin, but I have already said who has fought better competition, RECENTLY(Nogueira, Lesnar and Couture)

    and i already showed you that they haven't and you can't name who randy even fought that is better comp

    . Don’t say Lesnar doesn’t count because Randy and Mir sucks,( I NEVER SAID RANDY SUCKS) because Mir KICKED Nogueira’s ass(YES THATS HIS BEST FIGHT BEATING A SICK NOG) and you said Nogueira is one of the best people Fedor’s ever fought(I DO AGREE BUT WHERE DID I SAY THAT). NAME ME FEDOR’s COMPETITION OVER THE LAST COUPLE OF FIGHTS THAT’s GOOD and not 5 years ago, besides AA??? and don’t even say Sylvia because everyone knows he sucks…

    Fedor should have signed with the UFC a long time ago, instead of fighting chumps DURING THAT TIME you say.

    I don’t why your defending Fedor’s nuts so, bad??? I’m not even talking sh*t about him. I just said I want him to fight in the UFC with top level competition. I think you need to quit nuthugging on Fedor so much…


  19. roy, this argument were having is going nowhere. You believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want. Agree to disagree….Okay….

    i knew you couldn't do it. j/k cool.

  20. Screw you roy, you do sound gay defending Fedor…And quit copying everything i say THATS GAY…Do you want to be like me or something? I'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU A THOUSAND TIMES…I'm not goin to keep saying the same thing over and over like you… I'm done talking with you, roy. Move on…Forget about me…Go talk to someone else about your Fedor love…I don't give a f*ck about anymore… Speaking to you is pointless…

  21. first i proved you wrong every time than you start insulting me i have seen your post before and they seem to all go that way you lose than turn to gay shit , fuck you bitch if you can't hang don't respond to me than punk you must be the biggest pussy on this site you should just stop posting now before more peole school you.

  22. roy, F*CK U, you little bitch. If I ever met you I would knock you TFO, bitch. You didn't prove me wrong, dumbass. You just think you did. Everything you said was dumb as f*ck. I'm not quiting, I'm just tired of hearing your dumbass talk…

  23. If you didn't know already Randy's fought Rizzo twice in Pedro's prime at HW. Barnett and Ricco were the best HW at the time Randy fought them and he beat Sylvia in his prime when he was actually an all right fighter. He also beat Gonzaga and at that time Gonzaga was really good. He's faced that bull Brock Lesnar, hate on Brock all you want but he pretty good and he's about to take on Noguiera. That a pretty good list.

    I'm login off, I've got better things to do then talk about this all night….

  24. No need to fight. Barnett is clearly a loser. Fedor will come to the UFC because there is really no other competition for him out there. Brock is green but his strength and size is enough to want to see Bock vs. Fedor. Make it happen UFC!

  25. ok…

    Zack…. go away.

    Randy 16-9 (lost to Liddell, Overeem etc)

    Brock 4-1 (wins over Herring, who he couldn't finish…. Fedor did, Mir…. who sucks, I've said that for so long now its not funny, he beat a sick nog who is shit at stand up.

    and Randy… see above)

    so tell me.

    how is Lesnar fighting BETTER opponents?

  26. Cobra Clutch says:

    maybe you guys should get into the cage together and work out your differences, then end up making love together….like in Bruno. hahaha. Clearly some sexual tension going on in this post. With all this "gay" talk, maybe you guys should just both come out of the closet…and into each other. hahaaha


  27. I like how all of these dumb people just jump into a conversation and start talking shit. Mike, shut the F*ck up, everyone knows your the dumbest person on this website. And Corba Clutch I would be more then happy to get in the cage with you, mike's dumbass and roy and smash all of your faces in. In fighting NOT gay shit, dumbass. Your the fags, bringing up having sex with eachother. I never said anything close to that, so just shut the f*ck up with that sh*t.

  28. actually Zack, you're far dumber than me but…. errrr ok.

    i have like 3 posts in this section, not once did i mention sex, you did. RAGE MORE! seriously stop the steroids.

  29. Everybody says that you say the dumbest sh*t all the time. So, No I pretty sure your the dumb one.

    And i was talking to Corba Clutch about stopping the gay crap, not you.


  31. its an MMA we can't get along…. everyone wants to trash everyones fave fighters.

    Fedor got p4p by beating nobodies according to Zack… /yawn.

  32. Mike, keep my name out of your mouth and quit sh*t talking…Like saying stupid sh*t like "OK..Zack..Go away" Why do you have to take a shot at me, for no reason? It's childish. No wonder, mostly everybody here on this website says that you say dumb sh*t. Don't talk sh*t to me, if I havn't said a damn thing to you.

  33. Mike, if you had been reading the comments I wrote. You would have seen that I never bashed Fedor once. I just said He havn't faced the greatest talent in MMA in a while and I would like him to come to the UFC and fight all the top HW's in MMA. Thats all i wanted to say, G Night…

  34. "Mike, shut the F*ck up, everyone knows your the dumbest person on this website"

    hmm seems like it was deserved.

    Zack insulting Fedor's wins over THE best heavyweights out there is why i used your name. Brock has 4 wins, all appgainst old or rubbish opponents who he was strong favourite against.

    Fedor thought the best fighters in Pride when Pride was stronger than the UFC.

    stop being buttfucked cos Fedor won't join the UFC, Dana is a dick and I'm GLAD Fedor won't join it.

    GSP says Fedor is P4P… Fedor is P4P simple, till someone beats him…. hes P4P

  35. ha, ha, ha, I'm Todd too….Just messin with ya….LOL

  36. Here you go with the gay sh*t…You did deserve it because you started with me FOR NO REASON… I'm not buttfucked because Fedor won't join the UFC, F*ck Rag, I just think he needs to fight good heavyweights, not people like Hong Man, Lindland, Coleman and Zulu. You think those are the best HW's, that pretty funny, ha, ha.

  37. but Heath Herring, Nog and Cro cop are all good right?

    oh wait yes of course they are…. they're in the UFC!

  38. oh and Coleman… on STEROIDS is better than anything a UFC fighter has fought.

    Zulu was undefeated and many Japanese said that Zulu would beat Fedor at the time…. Fedor fought him to PROVE them wrong…. Lindland is a good fighter…. Hong man choi has better stand up than brock and is BIGGER than brock.

  39. I think this is all stupid. How did this post turn from Barnett being cut from this fight to "You're gay!" "No YOU'RE gay!" "You're gayer than me!" Really guys? Really? If you want to resort to this shit, wait until tomorrow morning in 1st period.

  40. There better fighters than the ones you just named. And alot of the fighters in the UFC have come from Pride(Nogueira, Cro Cop, Rampage, Shogun, Hendo and Wandy). Like you said Pride had a lot of great fighters and UFC signed them all but Fedor.

  41. AH FUCK MIKE IS TALKING AGAIN. Mike your the dumbest fucking person on this page. STOP TALKING. Go sit in the corner and wear a helmet. Zack I would have to agree with most everything you said on this page. I'll admit it Fedor was probably the best heavyweight…..5 FUCKING YEARS AGO!!!!! Not only would I not say he is P4P..he is not the best heavyweight right now. And ROY your fucking list is a joke. It actually made me laugh out loud. I dont know who is best P4P…probably Silva or GSP. If you look at them and then look at Fedor there is no comparison right now. The truth is Fedor can't beat Brock. It would not even be close. I still believe that UFC still has the best heavyweight division. I want Fedor in the UFC just to see him lose then he can get the hell out when he knows what top competition is like. Call me a Dana White nug hugger or not. Also dont start with the I'm not an MMA fan….the only reason you think your a die hard MMA fan is because you watch something other that UFC and you think your awesome because you know other fighters.

    Zack you brought up some good points.

  42. I agree Ryan S, I have tried a bunch of times to tell them to quit bring up this gay crap. I'm not saying it.

    Your retarded Mike if you really think those guys you named are better. I'll I want to say is Agree to Disagree…Okay, I'm tired of arguing and talking sh*t

  43. Viper, thank u, I could not have said it any better, I agree completely with every word you said there. That the smartest thing I've read all night…

  44. more like the smartest thing you have posted all night zack… i mean really stop posting under other names zack its dumb arsed.

    Silva p4p?





    GSP ok… but even GSP himself says that Fedor is p4p.

    think you know better than GSP?!

  45. I never seen Fedor in any trouble except when he got rocked by Fujita's over hand right punch. but even though he got hurt pretty bad he still finished the fight in dominating fashion by throwing a combo on fujita and choking him out. NOW that is the best fighter no one has ever been hurt that bad and still finishes like that. Fedor is KING bar none

  46. guys please cant we all just get the FUCK ALONG!!!!

  47. i get along with everyone! but at the end of the day if you think Fedor sucks you're a UFC nuthugger and this is an MMA website.

  48. Hong man Choi is a pretty decent fighter with good kickboxing. You still have to give credit to fedor for fighting a moster of a man and finishing the fight. Zach i know you arent on chuks nuts anymore but now Brock??

  49. other derek says:

    fedor will be in the ufc at some point in the near future and i can't wait for him to lose ……..its gonna be awesome!

  50. Mike your seriously laughing at Anderson Silva being in the top P4P fighters.

    You say Irvin and Leites? Well he KO's Irvin and had no trouble at all with Leites.

    What about Franklin, Henderson, Leben (49 secs 100% accuracy)? Forgot to mention those.

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