Junior Middleweight Faceoff: Boyd Melson versus Khalik Memminger

Junior Middleweight Faceoff: Boyd Melson versus Khalik MemmingerAnother fight to be expected soon in junior middleweight division is between Captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson against Khalik Memminger on August 2 at the center of New York City. It is treated as one of the biggest events since Melson withdrew from his June 14 fight after contracting an eye injury. Since his fight with Delen Parsley last March, Melson hasn’t placed his feet forward the ring. Melson (8-1 with 4 KOs) has already built trust with fans and media because of donating the fight purses besides his participation in good fights.

Memminger’s Profile

The professional career of Memminger (6-8-3 with 3 KOs) is not like the ordinary boxer indeed. The Texan fighter was involved in several controversial matches with a majority and split decision along with three draws in his roster of fights. The biggest triumph Memminger had was in 2007 against the hometown favorite fighter Victor Montemayor. This will be his second match beyond the Lone Star State and his recent victorious fight versus Fabian Cancino via decision.

Melson on Memminger’s Success

Melson acknowledges the strength that Memminger has on boxing. Melson has really been one good fighter especially now that he recently donated his fight purse to the justdollarplease.org to help treat Chronic Spinal Cord Injuries. Melson added that Memminger is very tough with his fights and the experienced fighter in the ring he has ever met. Melson even shared news that the New York Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association is having 15 members watch the fight night on his behalf. This main even is promoted by the DiBella Entertainment but fans can buy tickets at Teamfighttowalk.com. The Team Fight to Walk is an association established by Melson along with his friend Christan Zaccagnin to help the boxing community be aware of the Clinical Trials in United States for treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries.

Friday Fight Night: Anthony Young Will be Facing Richard Andrews at Atlantic City

Friday Fight Night: Anthony Young Will be Facing Richard Andrews at Atlantic CityThis coming Friday night, July 27, Anthony Young will be taking steps against welterweight fighter Richard Andrews in Atlantic City. During the main event, the lightweight division holder Hank Lundy will be fighting against Ray Beltran.

Young vs. Andrews: Fighting Record

Coming from Atlantic City himself, Young has already made a good fight record of 5-0 having two knockout from a unanimous decision in 6 rounds against Christian Steele last June 13. On the other hand, Andrews from Stuarts Draft, Virginia also made plausible performances as well. His record of 3-1-3 having one knockout will be ready to face his fourth and win to become undefeated in 4 streaks. Andrews had recently won over Mischa Christensen (3-1) and then claimed another victory over the undefeated Juan Rodriguez (4-0-1). Young is expected to have the biggest performance at his hometown according to his manager Rich Masini. They even recalled how Young worked really hard to achieve his position now, as there were no easy fights for him.

Who Might Win Between Young and Andrews?

Both fighters have expressed their performances well during their recent fights in MMA boxing. For Young, the fights he won for over several years made him a tough fighter. Young is not looking at easy fights anymore but quite into bigger and tougher opponents. Reflected by his success are the numerous sponsors from Sticky Entertainment Group, Hard Energy Drink, and A-One rapper who will be accompanying Young to the ring. What also keeps Young focused on winning each of his fight is the supportive family he has from his mother, father, and uncle. Besides the family support, Young also has a good training camp with him such as Ray McCline, Joe Alvarano, and Paul Pape. This is one good fight to expect less than two months from now.

Liz Carmouche: Invicta Title First and Take Chances at Ronda Rousey

Liz Carmouche: Invicta Title First and Take Chances at Ronda RouseyAfter losing two consecutive fights in Strikeforce, Liz Carmouche came back with a vengeance which she seemingly did without flaws at Invicta FC 1 last April. Not only did she defeat Ashleigh Curry in 2 minutes but she also proved to be worth as main event for Invicta. Carmouche is very happy that she became part of a sport where males mostly dominate and she did not only fit in but made a name. This is, according to Carmouche, a chance for her to prove the growth of women in this sport.

Carmouche vs. Curry

Although the turn of the events was very quick, Carmouche said that a chance over working her game strategies were part of her plans that night. On the second event of Invicta to happen on July 28 at Kansas City, Carmouche will be fighting against Kaitlin Young. Carmouche acknowledges how good Kaitlin is for her Muay Thai especially that she has worked very well in wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. “She’s not just a Muay Thai fighter,” stated by Carmouche. If Carmouche wins this second fight, this will lead her to the most famous events in the future of MMA fighting. Caramouche hopes to fight not only in Invicta but also in Strikeforce where there weight classes.

Caramouche’s Opinion on Sarah Kaufman vs. Ronda Rousey

As much as any MMA fan would be doing, Caramouche is also watching the events between Kaufman and Rousey’s 135-pound division match in August 18 at San Diego. Caramouche recalled how Kaufman is a good fighter and how she can maintain her stand with any opponent. She will still see what Rousey can offer after this event with Kaufman. Caramouche even wished to have a fight with Rousey if given the opportunity. Once the opportunity would come on her next fights, Caramouche vows to take that opportunity to fight Rousey.