UFC News: Babalu Cut By The UFC

renato sobral

According to a UFC 75 Conference call, Dana White has stated that Renato “Babalu” Sobral has been cut from his current contract with the UFC.

White said that Babalu has been cut from his contract because of the episode this past weekend at UFC 74. He said if Babalu had held onto a leg or arm – rather than a choke – extra long that the results could have been a lot worse.

White said “Babalu” has been cut from his contract but won’t rule out having him in the organization in the future. “I never say never,” he said.

White said Sobral knows he’s been cut from the organization and that he’s sure that he’s not happy about it. White said that despite the tone of past interviews, he was always planning to cut Babalu from the organization.

I don’t Agree with Dana White, why cut him, he is a good fighter who is fun to watch. What he did was wrong, but so is taking steroids. Steroids cheat your opponent as well as the fans, but the UFC Welcomes them back with open arms saying “It’s the Athletic Commissions that must punish the fighter”.

UFC 74 News: All Ten Fighters Cleared Of Drugs

ufc drugs

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has cleared all ten fighters they tested for drugs at UFC 74 Respect on August 25 in Las Vegas Nevada.

All main event fighters were tested as well as Frank Mir and Antoni Hardonk.

UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture
Gabriel Gonzaga
Georges St. Pierre
Josh Koscheck
Roger Huerta
Alberto Crane
Kendall Grove
Patrick Cote
Frank Mir
Antoni Hardonk

Matt Hughes Leaving Militech Camp, Starting His Own Gym

matt hughes

According to rumors that first surfaced on the Savage Dog Show, Matt Hughes has confirmed he will open a gym in Granite City Illinois, a suburb of St. Louis.

Matt Hughes stated on his blog:

Mark and I have been busy on the farm getting things ready for harvest. Also, I am going to open a gym in the Granite City area; but I will have more info on that later.

Greg Savage stated the need for Matt Hughes to be closer to home as the main factor for the move. Also rumored to be making the move with Hughes is fellow Militech fighter “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler.