Video: Chuck Liddell on HBO’S Entourage

Chuck Liddell makes a Cameo on HBO’S Entourage. Johnny Drama gets set up on a celebrity hidden camera show hosted by Pauly Shore. After taking Chuck Liddells parking space Johnny “Drama” and “Turtle” go to apologises at a celebrity charity event hosted by Chuck Liddell. Chuck calls Drama into the ring and makes him apologize on his knee’s, it was all set up by Pauly Shore.

UFC 70 Payouts

The UFC 70 did payout for some fighters according to While Cro Cop was cashing in with more then a third of the total payout. David Lee only pulled in 2k for his performance. On top of these base payouts, the UFC gives bonuses for Winning the Fight, Best KO, Best Submission, and Fight of the Night. These payoffs are know where near boxing, it is good for fighters like Cro Cop to negotiate for better pay.

Total Payout: $843,000

The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Episode 4

Andy Wang vs. Gilbert Melendez

Both fighters came out swinging, Melendez being the superior fighter on his feet, Wang a Black Belt in BJJ. Gabe who once cornered Wang, told BJ Penn that Wang would go out and stay on the feet. Wang promised BJ that he will try for take downs and not stand with Melendez. Wang did the complete opposite and stayed on his feet, even when Penn was screaming ” Take Him Down” throughout the fight. Wang being the smaller fighter was not able to land any relevant strikes to Melendez. In the second round Melendez started to gas and Wang was able to clinch and push Melendez against the cage, but still no take down attempts. Both fighter continue to trade wild tired blows all the way till the end of the second round. I can’t believe Wang didn’t even try a take down. BJ Penn was pissed at the hard headed Andy Wang. Melendez easily takes the unanimous decision over Wang. And to add icing on the cake, Wang starts to cry in the cage after the fight. BJ was not having any of it.