Icon Sport Trigg vs. Lawler

Icon sport mma trigg vs. Lawler

Main Fight Card

  • Frank Trigg vs. Robbie Lawler
  • Jason “Mayhem” Miller vs. Hector Urbina
  • Renato “Charuto” Verissimo vs. Lars Haven
  • Po’ai Suganuma vs. Nathan Carey
  • Marshall Harvest vs. Justin Bucholz

Undercard Fights

  • Kala Kolohe Hose vs. Ron Verdadero
  • Kimo Woelfel vs. Dereck Keasley
  • PJ Dean vs. Derek Stadler
  • Thomas Ferguson vs. Carvin Mafatau
  • Devon Damo vs. Dwayne Haney
  • Jay Bolos vs. Ryan Lee
  • Isaiah Cobb-Adams vs. Vinny Delos Santos

Next Strikeforce Scheduled for June

If you were waiting for the fight between Frank Shamrock and Phil Baroni, you’ll finally get to see it June 22 on Showtime PPV. They were originally scheduled to fight next month, but Shamrock decided, what the hell, I’ll schedule a fight with Renzo Gracie. So this fight was pushed back and Baroni was forced to wait for Shamrock to feel like fighting again. For all of you who don’t like the cockiness of Shamrock, you can expect him to face a pretty pissed off Baroni in June.

Some other names that I will be looking foward to seeing are Cung Le, Joey Villasenor, Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett, Murilo Rua, and Josh Thompson.

Villasenor will try to continue his success, after winning a decisive match over David Loiseu, with a match-up against Murilo Rua. Rua has has a lot of talent and experience, he just hasn’t had very good success lately, so this is his chance to prove he is still a middleweight threat.

Cung Le is arguable the best San Shou fighter in the world and he will be having his 4th MMA bout in his hometown of San Jose, CA. His first three weren’t much competition, but no matter how long the fight is, this guy is always entertaining.

Josh Thompson has got some talent and also some big wins under his belt. Included in that is Hermes Franca, the UFC lightweight top contender who will fight Sean Sherk for his title in UFC 72.

Sakakibara Interview: PRIDE Light-Weight Grand Prix Will Feature UFC Fighters

Sakakibara resignes from PRIDE FC
In a recent Interview with DSE President Nobuyuki Sakakibara. Sakakibara gives a detail explanation of his decision to sell off PRIDE FC. In the interview his passion for Pride FC as well as MMA can be clearly felt. He goes to say that the Fertittas were the best suitors for Pride. Sakakibara gives these statements, referring to PRIDE FC at his “daughter”:

That’s why I can’t give my “daughter” to a spoiled rich kid like BodogFight or Elite XC (laughing).

Lorenzo and Frank love this sport, and they have experienced many hardships and learned a lot.
No matter how rich he is, he has to love your “daughter” to marry her.

This years PRIDE Light-Weight Grand Prix tournament on May 20 could have UFC fighters competing against PRIDE fighters for top contender status. This is what the benefit the merger brings. The top fighters in the world competing to see who is best.

In fact, PRIDE Light-Weight Grand Prix on May 20 will be full of top UFC fighters. It will be the best place for deciding who the best lightweight fighter in the world is. This is the first benefit that the â“‚¬Ëœunionâ“‚¬“„¢ brings about.

Japanese Magazine Kamipro Interview