UFC 79 Nemesis Fighter Payouts

st. pierre vs. Matt hughes

UFC 79 Fighter Payouts. The below figures do not include any sponsorships, fight bonuses or percentage of PPV buys.

Fighter Payouts

Georges St. Pierre ($160,000 to fight and win)
Matt Hughes ($100,000 to fight)
Chuck Liddell ($500,000 to fight)
Wanderlei Silva ($150,000 to fight)
Eddie Sanchez ($46,000 to fight and win)
Soa Palelei ($5,000 to fight)
Lyoto Machida ($60,000 to fight and win)
Rameau Sokoudjou ($40,0O0 to fight)
Rich Clementi ($28,000 to fight and win)
Melvin Guillard ($10,000 to fight)
James Irvin ($16,000 to fight and win)
Luis Cane ($5,000 to fight)
Manny Gamburyan ($20,000 to fight and win)
Nate Mohr ($6,000 to fight)
Dean Lister ($22,000 to fight and win)
Jordan Radev ($5,000 to fight)
Roan Carneiro ($10,000 to fight and win)
Tony DeSouza ($7,000 to fight)
Mark Bocek ($6,000 to fight and win)
Doug Evans ($3,000 to fight)

Total Payout for UFC 79: $1,199,000.


KO of the Night – Eddie Sanchez
Submission of the Night – Georges St. Pierre
Fight of the Night – Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva

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Yarennoka: Fedor Returns Quick Results

fedor vs choi yarennoka

Yarennoka! is Live from the Saitama Super Arena near Toyko, Japan. Some say its “The rise of PRIDE FC” others say its the “Final Farewell of PRIDE FC”. Whatever it is, Yarennoka could possibly be the future of Japanese MMA.

HDNet Fights will broadcast the full event LIVE, re-naming the event HDNet Fights: Fedor Returns.