UFC 62 Recap

Liddell vs Sobral

Chuck Liddell Vs. Renato Sobral
With a first round TKO of Sobral, Chuck Liddell proves his supremacy in the UFC. Chuck Liddell is like a shark, he tastes blood and attacks his prey. In an earlier prediction I had it Liddell By KO in the second. I keep thinking that Chuck is just getting lucky, but every fight he seems to be getting stronger and more dominating. I thought Sobral would take the fight to the ground.

bonner vs griffin

Forrest Griffin Vs. Stephan Bonnar
In their first meeting I gave the fight to Bonnar. This fight went Griffins way. He showed he is one tough son of a ******. This match up is perfect for the UFC. Both fighters styles match up well. Neither one is a finisher, both are hard to submit, and they both have celebrity status from The Ultimate Fighter. I bet we will eventually see a third fight between these two. Score: Griffin, Bonnar, Griffin.

Josh Neer Vs. Nick Diaz
Both these fighters have defeated some powerful opponent’s. Nick Diaz proved he was the better fighter. I wasn’t surprised, Diaz gave Diego Sanchez a hell of a fight. He really impressed me in that fight. I didn’t think Diaz would submit Neer because his stand up was dominating the whole fight. The kamora was fierce. What a good way to win.

Cheick Kongo Vs. Christian Wellisch
I thought Wellisch had the arm bar sunk in . Kongo proved his skill by escaping the arm bar and making Wellisch pay with a barrage of punches and a bad ass knee. You have to love KO’s.

Hermes Franca Vs. Jamie Varner
What a brawl, Varner took an big knee and gassed out. Franca did good for only having two weeks to train. He probably could have KOed Varner earlier, but he wasn’t very accurate with his ground punches.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 4 Episode 2 – The Bloodfest

Dewees vs Ray

Gideon Ray vs. Edwin DeWees
This has to be the bloodiest fight I have ever seen, Dewees’s head opened up like a spout. It was pouring for the last two rounds. I was astonished that the doctor didn’t stop the fight. Dewees controlled the fist round with his dominating ground game. Ray disappointed me, I was sure he would put up a better fight. I gave Ray the second round, just because Dewees saw his blood and almost stopped fighting. Dewees while still a little shaken up, controlled Ray to win the fight.

Georges St. Pierre Out BJ Penn IN

BJ Penn Belt UFC Champion

George St. Pierre’s September 23rd rematch with UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes is no more. St. Pierre was forced to bow out due to a groin injury. BJ Penn is the next perfect match up for Hughes. Matt Hughes last lost was a submission by the hands of BJ Penn. Penn was later striped of his title by the UFC because he accepted a belt from another organization. Penn known as the “prodigy” and is one of the most dominating submission artist in the UFC. I have been waiting for Hughes vs. Penn 2 for a long time.