TUF Season 3, Finally Herman vs. Grove, Bisping vs. Haynes

What a night of fighting it was. We started off with the finals of The Ultimate Fighter.

kendall grove vs ed herman

Ed Herman vs. Kendall Grove
What a fight, Herman and Grove pounded it out for three strait rounds. I think Herman was cheated, he controlled Grove all three rounds except for the end of the third round when Grove had the advantage. Herman proved to me and the UFC, that he can be a strong competitor in the UFC. Grove still needs some work, but he has potential. Oh well you can’t let it go to the judges. Both fighter received UFC contracts.


Michael Bisping vs. Josh Haynes
This ended just like I thought it would. Bisping dominated the fight with his raw skill. Josh Haynes has the heart and will, but doesn’t have the skill of Bisping. Bisping did look a little less cut then he did in the semifinals.

kenny florian

Kenny Florian vs. Sam Stout
Florian came out and floored Stout taking him to the ground and submitting him via the rear naked choke. Stout was shocked and confused. Florian proved he is a serious contender in the newly formed lightweight division.

Keith Jardine vs. Wilson Gouveia
Jardine pull out a unanimous decision over Wilson Gouveia. Jardine started out slowly in the first round, taking a lot of leg kicks. Jardin pressed the actions in the second and third rounds. Gouveia talked shit the whole fight. There’s nothing I hate more then a talk shittier that is not even wining the fight.

matt hamill

Matt Hamill vs. Jesse Forbes
Matt Hamill was given the chance to show off his skills. He was far more energetic then he was on The Ultimate Fighter. He came out and boxed Forbes and pounded him. When he took him to the ground, Hamill continued to punch Forbes. This was a good showing for Matt Hamill and I look forward to seeing him fight in the future. I am looking forward for Ultimate Fight Night 4 this Wednesday.

TUF S3E11 – To The Finals They Go!

Bisping vs Pointon

Josh Haynes vs. Jesse Forbes

Jesse Forbes came out and dominated the first round. He basically handled Haynes on the ground in the first round. Jesse Forbes just couldn’t finish him off with a rear naked choke. In the second round Haynes rushed Jesse and secured a guillotine choke against the fence. I have not seen to many standing guillotines against the cage like that. Forbes is a slippery enthusiastic fighter, but he just doesn’t have the natural ability of most great fighters.

Ross Pointon and Michael Bisping

I wanted to see these friends fight. Ross is a crazy bruiser fighter with a lot of heart. Bisping is one of the only true talented fighters left in the Ultimate Fighter. Bisping takes a hard blow early that could have cost him the fight. He recovers and sticks to his game plan. Ross was throwing for the fences. Finally Bisping lands a flying knee and stuns Ross. Bisping lays down a barrage of punches ending the fight. I kept seeing Bisping trying to raise his knee and was wondering what he was doing. I love flying knees, their is not a better way to end a fight. Ross just didn’t seem to be able to land any combinations.

TUF S3E10 – Where did they all go?

the ultimate fighter

After a long season of fighters working their way to the top, Episode 10 troughs us a change up. Matt Hamill is hurt, Nickels has a broken nose and is out, Tait and Kristian are offered a chance and they coward out. Dana White is forced to bring back Ross, who is a funny bastard but he doesn’t have the skills to beat Bisping. Then on top of that Grove and Kalib fight it out, Kalib is a far better fighter and dominates the first round. In the second round Kalib breaks his rib and he is forced to quit. What is next?